plants and flowers that mice won't eat

toronto, Canada

I moved into a new home last year in the Toronto area and had a deck/patio and gardens put in. I planted numerous annuals and perineals to start a new garden and I discovered that mice eat most of them.

I know how to possible repell the mice but I would like to know what plants they stay away from eating and I will try planting these

Piedmont, SC(Zone 7b)

Boy, that is a new one on me! I have never heard of mice eating plants. I would think if they would eat one they would eat any of them. I have to ask, how do you know it is mice?

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7b)

I've heard that they hate lavender, mint and its relatives (bee balm, etc.). Perhaps pungent plants in general. But i've only heard of using the cut or dried herbs to try to keep them out of garages and sheds and such. No experience with mice actually eating the plants. Maybe a border of strong scented things would keep them away from other things you want to grow.

Riverdale, NJ(Zone 6a)

They have weird mice in Canada, eh! Are you sure it wasn't chipmunks, squirrels, or groundhogs?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I've never heard of mice being a big problem in the garden either. Maybe it's voles? They look a bit like mice and definitely enjoy chomping up the garden.

Portage, MI(Zone 5b)

I have heard that the reason not to protect roses too early in the fall is that mice will make their winter homes in the mulch and nibble the rose canes through the winter.

We bought a new lawn mower a few years ago. A couple yrs later, it sounded kind of funny in the spring, but my husband used it for a month or two anyway before we took it in for repair. The repairman said a mouse had built a nest inside the something-or-other, and every time my husband used the mower, the nest debris was being circulated inside that thingamajig, and the mower had sustained permanent damage. It will never start when warm, which means you can start it cold but must mow the whole yard without stopping. We found a charity that wanted it, and we bought a new mower. Now, we will make sure the mower is taken in for annual tune-up BEFORE mowing season begins.

In my garden, I have a lot of rabbit damage, and, a new thing here in my suburban lot, deer damage. The rabbits are cute but they have damaged or killed many, many plants in my flower garden, and they have chewed a lot of bark off some of my shrubs. You might try googling for lists of rabbit-resistant and deer-resistant plants, on the assumption that those plants wouldn't be appealing to mice either. I am kind of wondering if you are really seeing rabbit damage. . . You could try putting rabbit-fence circles around a few plants and see if those plants still get the damage, by way of answering the mice vs. rabbit question.

Last year, to protect individual plants from rabbit damage, I used small-animal fencing, which is a 2x3 inch grid fencing, for stiffness, plus chicken wire for the samller hole size. I cut the 2x3 so that it has 2-inch prongs I can stick into the ground, and make a circle around the plant about 15 inches high. I line it with chicken wire, because rabbits can easily squeeze through 2x3 inch rectangles. I put those circles around some of my lilies, roses, cleome seedlings, sidalcea, and the rabbit damage stopped. This year I am contemplating buying a big role of 1x1 inch fencing, which is stiffer than chicken wire and would be sufficient by itself. The 1x1 inch fencing is great for compost piles, by the way.

Newton, NC

Yes, Voles. They have taken over my backyard and destroyed all my bulb plants. I am going to start another garden in the front and hope for the best.

Tijeras, NM

Believe me ...mice eat plants. For the first time this year the containers by the front door were attacked. First it was the fall pansies. They I tried marigolds this spring...they loved them
We caught them in the act with a wildlife camera so we know it was mice
I will try the mints and smaller lavenders
I appreciate the discussion
In the Mountains of New Mexico

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

Deer, mice, voles, chipmunks, squirrels- if people eat a plant, so will an animal, maybe not the first time around, but when they take a notion, they will. The centuries of humans fighting animals over gardens, yards, and fields are legion. Chuckl. (Not to mention the bugs of course). Everything from scarecrows, to pie tins, to motion activated water sprayers. The fight goes on!

Barcelona, Spain

As an animal lover I kinda feel bad for them but how annoying is waking up to a destroyed garden?!

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