Poison Ivy and weeds growing in from my neighbors yard

Troy, NY(Zone 5b)

I bought roundup for poison ivy and I am going to spray what is on my side of a chain link fence. My neighbor does nothing at all to the yard but I am still worried that she will go nuts if I kill off her weeds. Also if I spray the roundup will it affect the soil? I am in the process of digging a new bed and I do not want the soil contaminated.

This is a new yard for us and I have spent a lot of money on plants. I don't want anything to hurt the hydrangea I am planting as a natural screen along this fence.

I did purchase construction silt barrier to keep her nasty weeds from growing into my yard. I am putting it up along the fence and hiding it with plants

Piedmont, SC(Zone 7b)

Roundup goes into the leaves down to the roots to kill the weed. It does not hurt your soil. If you would feel better, put down some plastic or trash bags to protect the soil. Good luck, Smokey

Riverdale, NJ(Zone 6a)

You could call the local health inspector or town secretary and ask about local codes. It is against the law in most communities to have poison ivy growing on or near the property line. If it is, then you have no choice but to clean it up. However, reporting it as the neighbors infraction is not likely to endear you to your new neighbor. It might be worth a try at diplomacy first. Explain that you have been told to clean it up in your yard, and warn them that the inspector is coming to check your progress. Make yourself out to be the good guy, which, of course, you are... Ed

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

If the fence belongs to you, you have the right to spray so no weeds are climbing on the fence or growing right up against it. I took a heavy piece of cardboard and held it on the other side of the fence, and sprayed my side. That way there was no drift.

Troy, NY(Zone 5b)

Well tonight was perfect with no wind so I covered my plants and I sprayed the visable poison ivy. I just may have inadvertently killed some of the weed on the fenceline too. I will put up the barrier as soon as it comes in and I will hope that it helps in keeping my yard separate from her weeds.

I would talk to her but she is not a very nice person and needless to say drinks quite a bit. (had I known LOL)

All I can do is hope I sprayed without doing to much damage too her weeds. I did only spray foliage and not the ground so I can get the new area dug and ready for my hydrangea.

Dixon, IL(Zone 5a)

I do not blame you one bit for wanting to get rid of the poison ivy. I have an empty pine lot that i send alot of my yard waste into and the last three years ended up with poison ivy. After looking really good, i found that it is in my woods really bad, climbs up EVERY pine tree. My neighbor inadvertently commented on the mess in my pine woods (not knowing it was mine at the time) and I told him last year NO WAY am I going in there again. Had it last year for 8 weeks (poison ivy). Drove me NUTS while on vacation. bad bad stuff that is!!!!


Dead posion ivy holds the oils for a long time that can cause you misery if you are one who has a problem with posion ivy. Cover up when you clean up up your dead plants and wash down completely. Do not burn the trash. That puts the oils in the air.

Troy, NY(Zone 5b)

I have been reading everything I can about poison ivy removal. It is definately wilting tonight. If I do have to remove as much as I can I will be very very careful.

Or better yet I will get my husband to do it. Maybe if I promise not to buy anymore plants................................

Dixon, IL(Zone 5a)

If I ever promised not to buy anymore plants I would have to cross my fingers behind my back as I made the promise. LOL

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

I could NEVER make that promise, never ever.

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

guyz, i wish u luck, the roots of your poison ivy r probably in her yd too, a very sharing plant, u know, n she prob doesnt like the poison ivy either, but you will b spraying that stuff in the same places for years, also a grateful plant-takes what u give it n keeps on coming back...only way we get rid of it n the wild potato vines r deep xcavations on the lot, n there r times when the plant is more virulent than others, but if u do burn, stay out of the smoke esp! each piece of poison ivy can start new little pieces of a plant...

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