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Coconut Coir in Pots

Victoria, Canada

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie and am preparing to transplant my seedlings outside within the next few weeks. I bought some coconut coir from Costco because I had read it is good for water retention rather than using peat moss.

Can anybody tell me what ratio I should blend it in with my soil mixture in containers? My soil is a 50% Sea Soil, 50% top soil blend (same as my raised bed). And is it possible to use too much coir in the mixture?


Corte Madera, CA

Wow, you have coco coir at your local Costco?

Help is on its way!

Kerrville, TX

The info that I have seen comparing the water holding capacity of coir and peat show's them to be pretty close to the same. With 50% topsoil in your containers, I think you already have more water holding capacity than you need and need something like perlite or ground bark to open up your grow mix and let more oxygen into the mix.

Victoria, Canada

One of the more expensive gardening stores here sells a "container mix" Sea Soil, which is where I got the idea to mix in the coconut coir. Sea Soil is all the rage here as it's created from a mixture of fish and forest fines somewhat locally. The guy at the gardening store said the only real difference with the special container mix is that there is peat moss in it, so I figured maybe I could just add coir to the mix. While I wanted to make sure water retention was good, I had also read that it also has good drainage and aeration.

After I had already bought the coir and regular Sea Soil, Costco ended up bringing in the "essential" Sea Soil, which is a blend of soil and coir and would have saved me trying to figure this out!

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