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My First Stacker and Some More Garden Stuff

Canyon Lake, TX(Zone 8b)

Just finished planting the first of my two stackers.

Check out this thread for pics of what's happening in my vegetable garden.

It's been a long haul since last September when I started fencing in my garden. Hopefully I'll be ahead of the curve by Fall or next Spring.


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Kerrville, TX

Everything is looking good, Jerry. When you get into gardening, you go whole hog dont you? What do you have planted in the stackers?

Canyon Lake, TX(Zone 8b)

Hey Jay, I growed up in dirt and flowers and veggies. It's in th blood!

This stacker has some marigolds planted down low, globe amaranth up top, and the rest in between are wild flowers I started from seed that came from in the mail from the WildFlower Farm in FBurg. Oh, there is one store bought Alyssum in the stacker....everything else I grew from seed.

The other stacker will contain the pink and the purple Laura Bush petunias I grew from seed which also came from the Wildflower Farm and there will be a few store bought herbs.

Whole Hog...Well, you are one to talking.LOL I've see the pictures of your mega stacker gardens.


Kerrville, TX

Great minds run in the same circles........or some such thing. Check your wildseed farm booklet for african daisy, baby blue eyes, birds eyes, bachelor's button, five spot, sweet alyssum, and tidy tips. All plants growing in my grow poles from seed bought from wildseed farm. All direct seeded in a grow pole or winter sowed with my patented jaywhacker's juggerator system. Forgot to mention Chives, I just poke them in hither and yon. I cant always remember what plant I poked into which grow pole any more. Oh yeah........forgot to mention the sunflower that volunteered in the top pot of one stack and I have transplanted another one to the top pot of another stack. I have a total of 7 sunflowers......volunteers from some I planted last year. If you wont continuous color around a garden, plant sunflowers successively. They are day neutral and will bloom about 60 days from planting. Just for kicks, I have thought about planting all 16 sites on one of my 4 pot poles with the shorter "teddy bear" sun flowers. Now that would be a blast of color!!

You can pull a sucker or two off of your tomato's and stick them in your stacker pots and join Bob and I in experimenting with them. Put them in one of the upper pots so their roots can run down from pot to pot through the drain holes. Out of curiosity, how many gallons of grow mix does those pots hold. That is a good stout looking pole you have them mounted on. This Texas wind shouldn't be able to move that.

Canyon Lake, TX(Zone 8b)

The pole is a rail from a cyclone fence, a good tight fit for the stackers. I drilled a hole thru an 8" stump cut at ground level. The pole had to be driven in with a sledge hammer. It's there for life!

I didn't measure the soil since I just shoveled it in. I buy Gardenville's bulk Rose mix because I like the way it drains and yet holds enough moisture to grow plants that don't like wet feet.

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