What should I plant in my front yard?

Cincinnati, OH

Hello, Please help!
I need assistance determing which flowers best suit my design plan. The plants will recieve full sun, especially in the morning.

There are two pictures. One is of my current yard and the other is what I hope to accomplish. I created the picture with plants from free internet software (showoff home design). The plants are not botanically correct, but I would like to stay with the same height and colors.

I only want to plant perennials and bulbs that will grow back every year. The garden must have lillies (not dayliles. I'm not opposed to having them somewhere, I just like the bigger ones).

Right now, I'm thinking of planting a 8-10' Crepe Myrtle for the tree, holly bushes for hedges, and orange lilies for the right border.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Here's a link to the album in case the pictures don't appear below.


From My front yard

From My front yard

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Wichita, KS(Zone 6a)

so many possibilities! you have a beautiful home. When I look at your picture I see either a climbing rose or something colorful and vining around the arched entrance. I'm partial to English country gardens, lilies, glads, larkspur, peonies. Are you wanting perennials, easy care? Also, keep safety in mind when planting or trimming up shrubbery. Your windows aren't so low as to be hidden from view by shrubs but the entry might be a point of concealment if you put too much around it.

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Cincinnati, OH

Thank you for responding. Yes, I'm looking for perennials and easy care plants. I have never attempted gardening before, so I just hope I can keep them alive! I really like peonies, too. I'm thinking of putting them below the shrubs.

Here's a picture of how I envision the completed project. I just realized I could post a reply and add the pic!

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Wichita, KS(Zone 6a)

I would move that tree out farther and in front of the main window. Make it a focal point. Where you have it in the photo could be a problem later on down the road. Do you see how it blocks the view of your door from the street? Now, since we don't know where your other windows are located on the house look at it this way. The front windows are up high enough that if anyone would try to get in through those windows it would be fairly obvious. The tree, however, blocks the street view of your front door which looks to be the most viable or vulnerable entry point. Don't make it easier for burglars by providing coverage around any vulnerabilities your home may have. If your door is hidden in such a way, then neighbors would not be able to see if someone was trying to gain entry. Nor would you be able to see if there was anyone hiding in that area after dark unles you have it very well lit. If you want to put a tree in that area I'd choose something lacy and airy rather than a tree with dense foliage.

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