May Journal Everybody's BUSY

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Here it is the fourth of May and we're just getting to the journal. Must be spring.

Stan put the cows out for the first time on Friday. We have four first calf heifers that lolligag, not bothering to follow the rest of the herd in. The last two nights, Stan has gotten the cows in, shut the door, we've gotten them all tied up and then he goes heifer chasing. Saturday night, one of our pastors brought their two youngest over to visit the gardens, pick flowers and pick my brain on vegetable gardening. The heifers had managed to get in with the dry cows, so Stan had to chase everybody into the barn. We were just finishing tying up when Mike and the kids got here. I left Stan to put the dry cows back out, unfortunately one of them decided a romp on the wrong side of the fence was in order. Not only did she go over the fence, she decided to go mountain climbing in the haymow. She was up as far as she could go when I got in there. I went up a ladder that was leaned up against the straw and had her headed down when she noticed the little 'lane' between the stacked hay and the scaffolding. I wasn't fast enough to discourage her, so Stan came up from behind and got to her head just in time. Had us both wondering about our language after the fact!

The heifers are all at 'summer camp', the dry cows not due until later in the summer are down the road, the field for the new seeding in plowed, the Ford 8000 is nearly ready for a trial run of it's new transmission and reconditioned radiator. I've got peas and tiny lettuce popping up in the old bathtub. Today, I'm going to cover the 'flat' veg garden with a black tarp and see if I can discourage the weeds. It will get some nicely composted sawdust on it after the tarp treatment and before I plant, which won't be until the first week in June.

Mary, I hope all is going well for you and your DH.

What's going on with the rest of you?

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