How do I take cuttings from vanilla bean vines?

Harrison Valley, PA(Zone 5a)

Can anyone guide me on how to take cuttings of my vanilla bean vines? I have two different kinds, one is over 8ft. long, the other is a varagated kind and is stunted but will be working with it. How many cuttings can you take off a vine, is there a certain length that i need to cut? Will it root if placed in water? How long will it take to root once it is cut? Any guidance on this? Thank you. :)

Keaau, HI

The cutting should be about 3 ft. long. Make sure some of the nodes have roots on them.
Tie the cutting onto the shady side of a tree, and make sure the roots are touching the tree. To be more successful you can cover the roots with moss.
Be sure to spray the cutting with water everyday, unless it rains.

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