Whether the passion flower would harm my house foundation?

Clemmons, NC

I found severa passion flower seedlings (the original purple one) in a nearby construction site and moved them back around my house last year. And they already hosted a couple of catepillars. This year they have strong new shoots and in addition, they send seedlings from additional sites. So looks like they have running roots beneath. My house is on a concrete slab foundation. So I was wondering whether the passion flower would harm my house foundation?


Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

The only thing this plant will do is grow up beneath the siding, thus loosening it, and possibly into your house (inside) - that might not be good. It will grow under the concrete slab and out the other side. I would say to plant it FAR away from your house, preferrably in a large pot on a concrete paver - it will take over your world AND your neighbors yards. Once you have it (P. incarnata), you will NEVER get rid of it.

Clemmons, NC

That is not good. Hope I can get rid of it early.

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