Will different species of Passion Vines cross ?

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

I'm growing 3 different kinds of passion vines and I want to find out if these will cross with each other and make the seeds not come true to the parents. I have the following kinds:

Passiflora incarnata
Passiflora caerulea

and what I believe to be
Incense, Passiflora incarnata x cincinnata (this one gets very few fruits on it and most don't have seeds - but will it cross with the other ones that do get lots of fruits and seeds?).

Will these passion vines cross (just by natural pollination) and make my seeds untrue if they are growing close together?

Any information you can provide me on this would be appreciated.


Hi Onalee,

These can cross naturally, although it is pretty rare. The odds are improved if they are close together, as bumblebees and other pollinators may just move from one plant to the other. But generally, if you see fruits on your plants (the incarnata and caerulea), they are probably true if they have seeds. The empty fruits may be the ones that crossed. The Incense can take both incarnata and caerulea pollen, and seeds from those crosses won't be true. The Incense crosses can apparently occur naturally, as a number of DGers have gotten Incense fruits with seeds without trying to hybridize. But Incense is propagated commercially via cuttings. If you want to produce true seeds from incarnata and caerulea to sell, you can also bud pollinate and then bag the bud to prevent unwanted pollination when it opens. You would also need to tag the bud so you could remember that it was a controlled pollination.

. Different passie species can be crossed if they have the same number of chromosomes, but they usually require bud pollination to cross them (I think there was thread last summer on how to bud pollinate). That is how most commercial hybrids are created. Both Incense and incarnata can be pollinated with caerulea pollen. Caerulea seems to like only caerulea pollen. I forget the name for the incarnata x caerulea cross, but the commercial Incense x caerulea hybrid is called Indigo dreams. I have been successful with the Incense x caerulea cross for the last 2 years, and have buds on one of my 2 old plants from this cross (will post pics soon). I've seen pics of an Incense x incarnata cross, and it looked a lot like Incense. I can't remember if Incense is still under patent protection (if it was, I think you would have to pay a per cutting fee to propagate it comercially). Species can be propagated without paying anyone a fee.

Hope this wasn't too confusing.


Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the information - basically, if I grow them as far apart as possible (say 300 - 400 feet, which is about as far as I can do), the chances of them crossing naturally is very small.

I really haven't time to hand pollinate - I try to rely on the bees, etc. to do that for me.

Thanks again!


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