SOLVED: Hoya ID help please!

Lauderhill, FL(Zone 10a)

I bought this hoya about a year ago marked 'Hoya Purpureafusca'. It has just bloomed for the first time and now I am not so sure it was properly marked. Any ideas?

Thumbnail by superpepper
Lauderhill, FL(Zone 10a)

Here are some of the older leaves. New leaves are dark purple/green with small silver flecks.

Thumbnail by superpepper
Portland, United States

Your tag is right if it says Hoya purpureofusca. The species name describes the flowers, which are a sort of rusty-rosy (salmony) color. "Fusca" means tawny (orangey tan to rust colored).

San Francisco, CA

Hoya purpureafusca is a valid species, but the
plant in the trade under that name is usually H. pubicalyx. I think your plant is that.

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