How far north can Amaryllis overwinter outdoors?

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

I've noticed that Brent&Becky's catalog says Amaryllis can overwinter outdoors in zone 6 if planted deeply in a protected spot and mulched well. I'm considering doing some experimenting this year if I can find some good prices on bulbs I won't regret losing too much if it doesn't work.

Curious if there are any adventurous zone pushers out there among Amaryllis fans, and what kind of successes and failures you've experienced.

I'm thinking that spring planting would be a good idea. It seems plants that have had a growing season to settle into an area are better able to survive borderline winters.

Any other tips for overwintering them would be most welcomed!

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Booneville, AR

i have these planted next to the foundation of my home here in zone 7a they usually bloom in may or first part of june. they are a little deep with mulch. i like to push the zone thing just a little. and i donot like taking them in and out of the house or green house. you know over the years those small bulbs we get at xmass will grow real big.and the root system also. ill pay for this some day but i hope not in my lifetime.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

I have tried Red Lion and Apple Blossom outside and they did survive zone 7, planted near the surface with some mulch.. I really need to fertilize more for bloom.

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks for reviving this thread, it had no responses for so long I totally forgot about it, LOL. Its a great reminder to keep an eye out for discounted holiday bulbs. It would be worth potting them up and planting in spring in the ground to just see what happens. Hmmmm....but I'm wondering if the bulbs geared toward blooming now are from the southern hemisphere, and kinda programed for that kind of cycle? Can they be "retrained" to bloom in our spring/summer? Well, come to think of it, I believe the one in the pic above was a winter bloomer originally, and it obviously blooms in spring these days (which I hadn't thought of till I saw the daffs and hyacinths with it above, LOL).

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Target had Smith and Hawkins amaryllis kits, down to 7 dollars, each included a nice ceramic pot--tempting. Or the plastic pot ones were somewhere else for 5 or 6 dollars. I think any case, it's going to bloom first now, and then grow new leaves outside next summer, then the following year will grow leaves in spring and I'm not sure when the bloom would be--before the leaves as before?

Winchester, KY(Zone 6a)

Mine bloom before the leaves. Usually I happen to notice the buds emerging from the bulbs sitting dry in their pot, and start watering.

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