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Is it possible to search without paying the fees that some geneology websites want? I have my great grandparents names and country of origin, how about searching in Europe or South America? I really don't have the extra money to do it right now, but would like to get started.

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Might I suggest It is a part of Ancestry; but is still free.

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For a tiny amount of money you can rent microfilm for Wills Births and deaths at your local Family Research Center. Go to and explore the site. It is free until you rent the films and the cost is pretty cheap around $5 a month. There are some free online foreign sites at rootsweb. Just go to the site:
then scroll down to INDEX and click
From there you can find the country you are interested in
Good Luck and report back on your success or lack of success. I have other unusual methods of searching that have helped me.

De Soto, MO

I have If you give me a name and time period, I will see what they have.

Medford, NJ

Thanks everyone for the advice...I checked out and will look into the other ones this weekend, now that school is over till September...

and thanks June! Very sweet of you to do that. I believe someone in my family from South America did a family tree a few years back, maybe you could find a William Alexander McBride born in Peru, I think the birthdate is August 1898 or 1899. Thanks so much!! I did not find anything on but I want to try some other names I have.

De Soto, MO

This is all I found on

William Alexander McBride
Arrival Date 11 July 1954
Age: 55
Port Of Departure: Cape Town South Africa
Place Of Origin: Peru
Ship Name: Robin Goodfellow
Port Of Arrival. New Your, New York

The census only go to 1930 until 1912 when they will release 1940. I did not find an obituary for him.

If I can help anymore, please let me know!

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I saw your inquiry and also ran a search on using the info you provided.

While I found the record that June referred to, I also found US Naturalization Records. There is a copy of the original record with his signature on it. It shows that he lived at (Illegible name) Hotel in Seattle Washington. It also says he came over on the ship Santa Rosa, arriving on the 24th dat of May, 1918.

Name: William Alexander McBride
Age: 19
Birth Date: 11 Aug 1899
Birth Location: Collao, Peru (looks more like "Callis" to me though)
Arrival year: 1918
Issue Date: 19 Nov 1918
State: Washington
Locality, Court: Seattle, District Court
Title: Naturalization Records of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, 1890-1957

Ancestry has recently changed their search feature. In the search I just did, my record came to the top of the page (in order of relevance) and June's showed up not long after.

Do you have any other information about William? Perhaps his wife's name? Children? Even educated guesses sometimes help to narrow down the results.

Good Luck on your search!


Medford, NJ

You guys are great, that is him, and Janet, the name of the city where he was born is Callao, or El Callao - it is the largest port city in Peru, just west of Lima. He grew up in Lima, in a well off family, but joined the merchant marines as a teenager and never went back.. I didn't know that he had entered the US in Seattle, but my mother said he talked about it - I just thought maybe he had visited there at some point during his travels. In the 1920's he came into port in Philadelphia, and someone introduced him to a spanish family in the city that had come here from Spain a few years before, my grandmother was one of the daughter's of that family.

What I am trying to find out is this: Someone in the Lima branch of the family contacted my mother several years ago, maybe 10 or 15, to ask details about the US side of the family, she said someone from Spain was putting together a family tree. Supposedly the relatives in Peru traced back to the mid 1600's when someone by the name of Rivero or Rivera came from Spain and started sugar plantations, so Rivero/a may be the relative in Spain who put together the tree - this was probably in the 1990's.

At some point a "MacBride" from Scotland came into the picture in Peru, prob in the 1800'sm and married into the family. I don't know alot of the names and details, but there was a Camile Calvo McBride. I think they take their married name as a middle name.

I had hoped that if a tree had been put together, it would be registered somewhere and easy to find. Based on the above info, do you think it would help my searching? If I could be sure to get the info I want, I could even be persueded to pay a website fee...

Should I be looking at geneology sites in Spain and South America?

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