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Large Leaf? Weed?

Newland, NC

Any and all help appreciated!

Thumbnail by ashleyjnc

Maybe in the Asarum family, did you see a bloom by chance? Just how big is that leaf span?


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Newland, NC

8-12" No bloom

How long have you been looking for a bloom? Our variety of wild Ginger's bloomed in late March -early April? Due to the size of the leaf that you may be in a different family.

I like it though.


Newland, NC

Just found it today in the woods...

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

Petasites japonicus

growin, it would be interesting to see if the original poster's plant is this as well.


Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

The seration on the leaves seem to be too much for Petasites japonicus, not that I look it closer. Not sure. It would help to see stem/growing point.

I would not "rule" it out at this point;-) I hope the original poster keep's adding as she/he goes along with this plant.



Columbia, SC(Zone 7b)

I do not think that it is Petasites

Gardeners who have grown members of this genus knowingly refer to it as "pestasites" because the plants easily become invasive. In some situations, however, they have a lot to offer. One of the biggest perennials for the hardy garden is P. japonicus 'Variegatus' (also called P. japonicus giganteus 'Nishiki-buki'). This plant produces great rounded leaves to 4ft across, each splashed and streaked with yellow. Flowers appear early in spring before the leaves. The plants love moisture and their big, rough-and-tumble look makes them perfect for the edge of a stream or pond or in a boggy area. Monet had a stand at the edge of his famous Wisteria bridge.
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