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How many peppers do YOU put per EB?

Danbury, CT(Zone 6a)

Earthbox says 6 peppers per EB. I'm trying to figure how many of my seedlings I can keep and how many I have to give away. In your experience, how many are good per EB? I have mostly sweet peppers, Jimmy Nardello's, Tequila, Corno di Toro Yellow, Lipstick, and Jalapeno.

Oceanside, CA(Zone 10a)

I haven't heard anybody deviating from the recommended number of 6. I have 6 Jalapenos in one and 6 Bells in another. All seem to be really healthy and producing.

Pembroke Pines, FL(Zone 10a)

At one time they said eight but that was ridiculous and since then it has been six as I've always maintained that eight were too much.

Watertown, WI(Zone 5a)

I remember when they used to say 8 as well. Tried it my first year and while things were OK, I went with 6 the following a subsequent years.

Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

I've always put six with no problem...

Crestview, FL

I've planted 4 per box to give the peppers more room; but in one EB I put one eggplant and one pepper also, as you can only plant 2 eggplants per EB. I'm finding out also that even 3 cabbages are too many in EBs.

Alexandria, VA(Zone 7b)

I do 6 per EB, as well, last year I planted 1 eggplant in each Bloommaster basket (didn't really utilize the side holes, oh well...) & they were super! When I tried to dig them out /break them off in Oct., they resprouted from the stems...

This year, I have 6 peppers in 1 EB & I think I'm going to try 2 peppers in the top stack of an agro-tower...

Crestview, FL

Thistle5: Wow you planted an eggplant in a bloommaster and it took off that is simply amazing. I have planted cucumbers in mine this year, and had thought about the basket peppers; but, thought better of it. Jungle Grow has a new potting mix out by the way, it's called Jungle Grow For Professional Growers for hanging planters. I am now buying and using that instead of the Jungle Grow For Professional Growers for containers and/or coconut coir. It is very light and works in the EBs too. I still add perlite though to my bloommaster.

Danbury, CT(Zone 6a)

Sounds good. I did 6 last year in an EB and that seemed okay. Just wanted to know what was the norm.

Thanks again!


Wilsonville, OR(Zone 8b)

I planted 8 the first year, because that's what the instructions said.
Next year I planted 6, and that was much better.

By the way, peppers THRIVE in earthboxes.
I have some photos of my hot peppers in EBs on my blog:

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