advice on flowers for west-facing concrete wall

Seattle, WA

Hi Rock and Alpine Gardeners - We could use some advice on nice, ideally-perennial flowers to grow to cover through our front fence and provide nice year-round visual interest for our front 40" high retaining wall.

We have about 50' of frontage on our sidewalk and street (less the front gate and trellis) and I'd like something to cover the bare concrete wall. It is west facing and sunny and we're in Zone 8 here (in Seattle) so flowers that enjoy full sun would probably do best.

Many of my neighbors have candytuft which is beautiful this time of year (spring). I'd like some purple and maybe red to offset the white and complement the yellow house (picture attached) and black/tobacco brown fence that we've built. Maybe purple aubretia would be nice?

We built the house last year so now is the fun part as we create the garden. I'm hoping to learn something from the experts here!

Many thanks in advance for advice - Michael

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Denver, CO(Zone 5b)

For more Spring bloom that will spread about 18", consider creeping phlox 'Lemhi purple'. It comes in many other, more pastel colors, too. Just clip back after it blooms--a very easy plant.

There is a low thyme that blooms almost red, 'Mother of Thyme' that blooms later.

Creeping phlox and groundcover thyme will fall gracefully over your wall, too.

I think they'll do fine, for Seattle, I can't say what else will do well.

Denver, CO(Zone 5b)

Had another thought for later bloom, but then through the fall: one of the creeping true geraniums (not pelargonium), like 'Rozanne'. Mine is dormant in the winter, but grows to over 3' across and drapes very nicely.

somewhere, PA

Nice ideas Sally.

Your home is beautiful Michael. Dianthus have lovely
pink & red blooms and would do well at the edge of the
retaining wall.

Seattle, WA

Hi Sally and Tammy - Thanks for the great ideas! The creeping true geranium 'Rozanne' and mother of thyme sound esp. interesting.

Regards - Michael

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