streptocarpus(Cape Primrose)

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

I ordered some of these over the net because I had a friend that grew them and they were gorgeous.However, I looked the care up and it said they do well in artificial light and with the wick system of watering. I put them under my grow light and made wicks for the watering. The leaves are wilting and turning black. What is the best light and watering requirements for them?Can anyone help me out? I would love to be able to grow them. All replys will be appreciated!!!!!!

Hi dispatcher1'Hope this helps you'

Light:Bright light,with at least 3hr. a day of direct sunlight.

Watering:during the active growth period water plentifully as often as necessary to keep the potting mixture thoroughly moist,but never allow the pot to stand in water. During the winter rest period water sparingly,giving only enough to keep the mixture from drying out completely.

Petaluma, CA

yum. Streps.
Be sure they have PERFECT drainage. I use 1 part each of packaged soil, vermiculite, and perlite.
keep them relatively cool, and though they like a bright place, not much in the way of direct sun.
Atmospheric moisture is more important to them than damp soil.
Keep trying. Recently on a Gesneriad e-mail list there was extensive discussion on keeping them happy. Some of the most dedicated growers have a heckuva time with these, but I think they may try too hard.

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