Anyone use a Canon Powershot SX10 IS?

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I am Camera illiterate folks. I currently have a Canon PowerShot A630 and am wanting a new camera. I would like a not too large, or heavy, point and shoot easy camera that will take great photo's without much effort on my part. ^_^ I guess I'm thinking maybe with a better camera I will get better pictures, LOL but that may not even be possible! Sometimes I take 50 pictures and maybe get one decent one out of the group.

My husband suggested the Canon PowerShot SX10 IS, and I told him I would ask on the DG photography forum to see if anyone uses this particular camera and how they like it. I don't really want to spend more than @ $300 for another camera but want one that will take decent pictures and is easy to use.

Thanks for ideas and input,


Chicago, IL

I actually don't like the S or SX series from Canon. They have some limits and caps on functionality that drive me up a wall (including eliminating remote capture options).

I would look either at an update to the A series you have, or at the G series. The G10 in particular looks to be a very high performer.

That said. Even your A630 is capable of some very good images. As with all photographs, content is more important than anything. Worry less about the absolute performance of the camera, and concentrate on crafting interesting images.

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What is wrong with the pics you take Lin? Are they blurry? 1 out of 50 is not good. LOL

I have had the ELPH series since day one which is the day I started on Dave's. I went to the closet and took out the digital camera my DH had given me for Christmas 2 years before and opened the box. That was a 2 MP and now I have the Powershot SD950IS with 12.1 mp. I think I have had at least 5 Canons now. All great!

If I have it on the right setting and the correct distance from my subject, I rarely have a bad shot with it. Do you use the macro setting, Lin? If so you cannot get too close or it will blur and if you use the regular setting, if you get too close it will blur. You also have to wait a second for it to focus before you take the shot. You press down a little on the button till it has focused then push all the way down. I think it beeps when ready.

Make sure you get one with IS. They are incredible! I never could take a photo with zoom before I had IS without it being blurry.

If I were you you I would get a high end ELPH one, it will be point and click and decent photos. It is smaller and less confusing than the SX110IS I bet.

Go look at my photos, I think most of these were with my Canon, I am now using a Sony more so the last 2 or 3 pages are with that one.

Have you looked at this page to compare models?

Good Luck!

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Thank you both for your suggestions!

Rdesigner: LOL, I agree that when taking photograph's, content is important and I do try to concentrate on interesting images, but I seem to get many more bad quality photo's than good. I guess it's not the performance of the camera, but rather me being the one holding the camera.

Kell: Your photo's are wonderful! Yep, I have trouble with blurry and out of focus pictures, often! I have tried using the Macro button on the back of my camera but the pictures don't seem to look any different to me ... maybe I have been too close to the subject! Now that you mention it, my husband has told me many times to hold the button down gently until I hear the beep to make sure it's in focus! It's funny, I have a lot of patience except when it comes to computers and electronics! It doesn't take much to confuse me and I get really frustrated with computers, cameras, televisions etc. Thanks so much for your suggestions and input. I am going to that link to check out the comparisons between the different canon models (not that I will understand any of it, LOL.) I think my husband was looking at comparisons when he told me about that one I was considering. I have no clue what ELPH series is but will read more before deciding to spend money on a new camera, when it's me with the problem and not the camera. I told my husband that I need a computer chip implanted in my brain that will communicate with the camera and give me perfectly clear and focused photo's every time! He didn't comment on my comment but I can just imagine what he was thinking and he knew better than to respond. ^_^


Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)

Lin--I'm going to audit a photography class at the local community college When a spot becomes available...and I experiment a lot. That's how I have learned what I do know. Now if I could just get the purples to not turn blue...LOL

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Phoebe: Many, many years ago I signed up for a 2 night a week"Beginners" Photography course at our local Jr. College. I (and a few other folks) only lasted @ 3 weeks before dropping out. There were many people in the class who were already very knowledgeable about photography, and the discussions were way beyond my scope. I wondered at first if maybe I was in the wrong class by mistake, but checked and it was the beginning photography course! The discussion every class, seemed to get very technical and the instructor would get into long discussions regarding dark rooms, photo developing, chemicals etc. ... waaay over my head!

I have read parts of my camera manual, but it's so hard for me to understand.

Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

Lynn, when on the Canon site check how far your macro is good for. Usually 3 to 4 inches away, any closer it blurs. Canon will tell you the perimeters on how far you should be to use that macro. After awhile it is automatic to you to get at the right distance before you click.

My first Canon it also didn't matter if I had it on macro even for the distance shots. I have no clue way. Since with newer ones, it does show. And you must wait the second or 2 for the camera to focus, LOL! More expensive ones may focus faster though.

Phoebe, sometimes I have trouble with red. A gaudy red I have trouble getting definition. And it can glare. I find the time of day can affect the how a color looks too. Changing the white balance is supposed to help. I really think some cameras just see certain colors differently and you are stuck! Now when buying a camera I look to see in reviews if people say the colors are accurate.

Last night I was looking at pics of Ebb Tide rose in the PF. The colors are all over the board. I was looking at my own pic on there from a while back, it is so wrong. My Sony took pics of it accurately yesterday. It is a flat purple and evidently many kinds of cameras can't capture the correct color.

Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)

Lin--that's the problem with a lot Community college courses--there is not much oversite re: content, and sometimes those courses veer off course.
Kelly--I dug out the old manual, though I don't find it particularly user friendly. I had, at one time, stumbled on an acceptable setting that captured purples/blues somewhat accurately when I used my normal place to shoot indoors. A couple of weeks ago, I was taking spring flowers pics outdoors and changed those settings, and you know the rest. Aaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!

Santa Fe, NM

I have the Canon S5IS. Just love it! I took a couple of continued ed. classes at the community college and found them very helpful. Read books and took tons of pictures. However, I decided I wanted to shoot in RAW, which this little camera doesn't do. It is also a fixed lens camera, as does the G-10. However, if I were buying that kind of camera today I would go for the G-10 because it shoots RAW files and has more mega-pixels than I would even need. Read reviews and think about what kind of pictures you want to take and what you want to do with them. I just bought the Canon XS but will certainly keep my S5IS. Have fun!

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

I checked in here this afternoon because I just placed an order for the Canon SX10 IS - I haven't owned a camera for several years, and am really looking forward to getting back into digital photography.

Pine City, MN(Zone 4a)

I got the SX10 a little over two weeks ago. I just love it.

Here are a couple of shots I've taken with it.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

JoanMN - your photos are gorgeous! Gosh, I can't wait for my SX10 - it's not due to arrive from Amazon until the beginning of August!

Santa Fe, NM

Your pictures are very nice. Glad you're enjoying your new camera.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

JoanMN - update - I just received an email from Amazon that the SX10 has shipped - YAY!

Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

I have the A620 and it seems to just be a less mega pixel version of the A630. You should be able to get good photos with the A630. The macro allows you to be 1 cm from the object. A steady hand or a tripod is a great help, but the camera you have should be very serviceable for most of your needs. Here is a cyclamen. Natural light, no flash, unedited except to reduce for posting.

I think you probably just need to take more photos. Try to take notes as to what settings, if any, you used for each photo. The macro setting is just pressing the lower part of the ring - it will show a little flower, that will rest in the lower right part of the display. Press again to remove the macro feature. Press the top part of the right for flash options. Press the center of the ring to do fancier settings. I always use the maximum photo size, figuring I can crop or reduce later to make it fit. Remember how cheap the film is!!! Take Lots and Lots of pictures.

Someone once told me the difference between an amateur photographer and a professional.
The professional throws away all the bad shots!!!!!

Snap On!!!!

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Pine City, MN(Zone 4a)

I hope you like it as much as I do, Honeybee!

Watertown, WI(Zone 5a)

I have the sx10is and love it. That said it does not take better pictures than most of the other cameras I have had. I have had some genuinely awful cameras, but for the most part it's not the camera, it's the person behind it... It's hard to hear and accept, but it really is true.

Sure, more spendy cameras have more features and allow one to capture shots they otherwise could not, but no camera tells a person how to compose or light a portrait. No camera explains how the shutter speed crisply or uncrisply captures motion. No camera explains how the f stop relates to depth of field.

When going from a compact point and shoot to a mini slr type point and shoot there are advantages, and of course the 20x zoom on the Canon is one of the obvious advantages and for those looking to do HDR photography the AEB (auto exposure bracketing) is really nice, but this is not a camera that prevents the folks in your snapshot from being captured mid blink.

The camera can make a difference, but the most significant determinant between an average shot and a phenomenal shot lies not in the camera, but the photographer.

Sorry, just the way it really is.

Santa Fe, NM

That is quite true. I have also found that knowing how to use your camera's capabilities, is a good idea. And for me, it takes time and experimentation. I'm a slow learner, though.

Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)

Meee tooo! Hi Roy!

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Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)


Still in beginner learning stages, and really need a course on settings!

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Santa Fe, NM

That looks very nice to me. What do you mean by settings? Like Av, Tv, etc.?

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

I took my first photos over the weekend with my new SX10 IS - here's my darling little malti-poo, Chloe

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Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)

Awww-Chloe....When Phoebe used to look at me like that, I used to call it her "Phoebe face" Nice 1st pic.
Roy--yes....those and others, and knowing when to use what. I find the automatic settings very limiting. I've done some reading, but after awhile, I get overwhelmed--I learn by doing- better. I know there are no quick answers.

Santa Fe, NM

Your pictures look fine to me. It will just be a matter of getting used to the camera.

Land of OZ, CT(Zone 6a)

So how many years does that take Roy? I'm 60 ish, s000000000000....LOL

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