Vertical Rock Wall Planting

Terrebonne, OR

I'm looking for tips/tricks/photos on how to anchor soil/plants in my vertical rock wall. And how to keep the dirt in, when it's watered.


Terrebonne, OR

OK, here's what I did to anchor my seeds/plants.
I mixed up a batch of gelatin and kneaded in peat/soil until it was the consistency of bread dough and stuffed it into the cracks on the wall. The consistency was perfect and it seemed to hold the soil and water better because of the gelatin. I smeared a few thyme seeds , violas, and some others. I'm going to insert a few other starts into the mortar....and wait and see.

Saint Bonifacius, MN(Zone 4a)

Interesting - never heard of the gelatin thing. Seem logical though. Do keep us posted. Sorry I can't suggest much for you. Your climate is WAY different than mine here in Minnesota.

somewhere, PA

post some pictures. Sounds quite interesting. What will you be planting?

Sorry - no suggestions on keeping dirt in. I have a steep rocky hill but the
soil is so sandy its got great drainage. And I never water.


Terrebonne, OR

The recipe for do it yourself peat pots uses gelatin .... it's a great culture medium for seeds because it holds on to water. What the heck-I guess I will see what happens.

In addition to using it to start the seeds-I've spread the geletain/dirt dough in cracks adjacent to the other starts -so that they have something to hold on to when they spread. I'll attach a picture-it's not very exciting-but if the seeds bloom I'll post a few other pictures in a month or so. If it works, I'm going to plant flowers in all of the cracks. Should be fun.

I should have put a few llama pellets in the mix . Maybe in the next batch.

Thumbnail by green_green
somewhere, PA

that is wonderful! Be sure to post updates as you get it planted.

North East England, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

What a great structure - should look even better once the plants are in. Good luck and let us know how it progresses.

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