Smart Cars?

Yeah, well, I have a small question. What is so special about Smart Cars? I know they are small but is that the only reason?


Happy Jack, AZ(Zone 5a)

Caramel, our DS has a Smart car and it is adorable. He get's over 40mpg, it is bigger in the inside than it looks from the outside, it is quick, can keep up with traffic. It attracts people, both men and women to it like bees to honey. At the grocery store women will stand around watching him put a grocery cart full of food into the Smart and still have room. It is easy to get in and out of. When he had hip surgery, it was easier to get in and out of than his Durango. It has a built-in roll bar that is part of the frame. He has had his for over ten months and loves it! Any more questions?

How could you not love a cute little car that smiles at you?

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