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Yellow Jacket bees

New Baltimore, MI

I have small yellow jacket bees in the dirt of my landscaping (deep). I was digging weeds out of my landscaping and these little yellow jacket bees were crawling out of the dirt!! What can I do?? Is there something I can use to kill them??? I'm in a wheelchair and have to sit on the dirt while gardening and I'm alergic to them, so this is a Huge Problem!!!

Williamsburg, MI(Zone 4b)

I have used the foam wasp killer. I spray it right in their holes and it keeps them from coming out before it kills them. You have to really douse the hole though.

Jonesborough, TN

One note on killing yellow jackets, if you know where their enterance is, wait till after dark to do it.

That way you'll get the whole nest of them and will lower the risk of you getting stung if done so at night.

Decatur, AL

about 5:30 this afternoon my wife was digging up a plant trying to grow by a large pine tree. She did not see
all the yellow jackets outside the hole opening. She was stung seven times. We put a baking soda paste on each bite
and put a bandaid on each. Very little swelling. I went out after dark (they will not fly after dark) and poured
clorox down the hole. Gas will kill instantly but is very volatile. After about a minnute, I dug up the nest.
Found three queens. I will post pitchures tomorrow. Hope this helps in time.

Saint Paul Park, MN(Zone 4a)

Another option although not recommended is a bit of diesel fuel or gasoline on a rag over the hole.

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