Mosaic on glass top table FOR OUTSIDE in summer.

Elkhart, IN

Hi, new here. PLEASE HELP!! Been reading many threads, in awe of your work here!! WOW!

I have a glass-top patio table. (well, it is kinda like glass, is some form of fake-acrylic, frosty-ish stuff, heck maybe it is actually's ugly at any rate!!..). I want to put a mosaic on it. It has a very small lip on rim.

WHICH GROUT is best for outdoors IN THE SUN? (the rest of the year, is stored in shed that IS pretty cold, probably does freeze in there..) Some say white will turn yellow in the sun? Some say colors fade in the sun?

I have been reading many threads, looking for this exact question, sorry if this is already posted.
I learned i can add acrylic paint to grout to color the grout, right?

WHICH GLUE is best to glue the tiles on?

I glue tiles DIRECTLY onto the glass, right? Should i "rough" it up or anything first? One online resource said something about getting some kind of net to put between the tiles and the table, but i don't understand what is benefit of that?

I'm thinking i will use broken ceramic peices for 'tile' to save $.

THANK YOU FOR ANY ADVICE!!! Even if you only know ONE of these answers, i would be so grateful!!!
Also, any artistic people wanna help pick out colors? THE TABLE is teal-green blue, and THE CHAIRS that go with it have hunter green/light green/tan fabric on them...(weird, huh? I never noticed this discrepancy in frame vs. fabric color til today, ha ha!!)

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