Owl's killing guineas

Argyle, TX(Zone 7b)

Three or four days ago, there were a couple of piles of feathers. I appeared to be missing my favorite guinea as I only saw four since then. The feathers appeared to be pearl but the guinea was a pied with the colored part appearing to me as a gray or light blue gray. I was thinking that the feathers looked different close up or maybe she had an undercoat. Last night when we got home about 9:30 and an owl flew up onto our roof with something in its talons. I was thinking it was our cat and threw a rock but missed. The owl flew off but dropped my 1/2 eaten favorite guinea.
My question is,
1) do you think that the owl attacked another guinea 3-4 days ago but it got away and she had started sitting on a nest the same day and last night the owl came back and found her on her nest or
2) do you think that the owl killed her and ate 1/2 that night and stashed the other half until last night and came to finish it?
Do owls eat part and return later like lions do or do they just eat fresh kills?

Ferndale, WA

I know nothing about owls, but i'm sure sorry about your loss. I thought guinneas were big enough that owls would not bother them. I'm sure others will read and be able to answer your question. Haystack

Lodi, United States

I am assuming that it is probably a barn owl? They usually just carry off their prey--but they will sit and tear it up and eat it on site if it is too large to carry. I have never heard of them returning to a previous kill.

Elbridge, NY(Zone 5a)

We have Great Horned Owls. They eat chickens along with, skunks, rodents, birds, frogs, fish, raccoons, snakes, squirrels, and falcons. They are bold and will go right into a coop that is left open. Unbelievable. I believe they usually carry away the prey though. I am sorry for your loss. That is sad.

Richmond, TX

Sad to lose a guinea possibly worse to lose your cat! Have you known owls to take full grown cats?

Lodi, United States

When I lived in Upstate NY, Great Horned Owls would take cats and small dogs--they didn't eat them--they would grab them, fly up and drop them. I think they were heavier than the owl expected.

Richmond, TX

Oh, my! And to think, I've always liked owls...

Argyle, TX(Zone 7b)

Thanks for all of your responses. A couple of years ago, the sheriff told me that they were having problems with the barred owl in the area. Even in town they have been taken cats and small dogs. He said that a they used to trap and move them but that they always come back no matter how far you move them. He said that I could get a permit for $100.00 to shoot it if caught in the act of killing pets or farm animals. I do not really want to do that. I have seen the owl a few times at night and know that he is large, but this is the first time in almost a year that I have seen or had a problem with it. A few years ago, I was loosing chickens and guineas every week. In the winter, the guineas roost in the hen-house, but when it is warm, they roost outside. I know what a barred owl looks like from the internet, but have not really got a good look at the pattern at night. I do not believe that we have the great horned owl around here. I had read an article about the barred owl driving the spotted owl to the endangered list, and some scientist? or whatever they are, want to do controlled hunts in some areas. I like to see owls, but just not killing my critters. By the way, we have lost a couple of cats too.

Elbridge, NY(Zone 5a)

No, The Great Horned owl is east coast I believe. There are many species that are large though. They may not want to hunt in an area that already has an owl present. You could put up one of those fake owls with the light up red eyes to discourage it from coming into your area. I do wish you the best.

Argyle, TX(Zone 7b)

Sewincircle, where can you buy one of those fake owls with the red eyes? Can you send me a link?

Decatur, GA

I have a water garden in my back yard. I had this visitor last summer sit in the tree right over the water. I was hoping he/she was there for rodents but was told they also take fish. I couldn't be sure but I think the goldfish ranks were thinner. But it could have been a heron. I finally had to put a net over the pond. The owl stopped coming around the same time.
Loosing a cat or dog to an owl... ouch.. not fun. Or any pet really.

Thumbnail by helenchild
Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

I have lost 5 chickens this past week to a fox. I actually saw the fox in broad daylight so I did't let the chickens out for several days. Today was their first full day out and another one is gone. Of course it only takes the hens, I don't want it to take any of them but I don't get many eggs from the roosters. I guess they are locked up for good now.

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

I do not know where Argyle, TX is. I do know that half way between Emory and Golden (where I am) there is a rather large, extended family of Great Horned Owls. They call all around my house every night! I'm not that far east =)!

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