Newly hived honeybees absconding

Algonquin, IL

Hived three packages of honeybees and within 3 days they took off. No comb built, no signs of swarming. Have one hive which survived by putting a queen excluder between bottom board and first hive box. Anyone have this happen and what remedies did you use.I had the entrance reducers removed as I should have probably left them. I hived new bees and now left the reducers and queen excluder in place. We will see if they go now.

Benton, PA

From the very little I know, when you hive new bees we are to cover the small entrance to the hive with a small chunk of grass and let the bees work their way through it. That way they will remember their location and return to the hive. I am very new at bee keeping also but I have been reading up on the subject. for sometime before getting my first hive. I have also been feeding my hive as I live in the North of Pa.

Waynesville, MO

I had the same thing happen. 3 days and they tried to leave. Fortunately I came home before they got far (they were hanging on a tiny tree about 15 ft from the hive. I called the guy I got them from and he told me that sometimes they do that. They are still wildlife and have minds of their own. I have since convinced them to stay home. I don't know why they didn't like the home I gave them. I even sprayed all the frames with sugar water. They are happy now. I did have an entrance reducer but did not have it plugged. After hiving them a second time, I put a wad of grass in the little hole for a couple of days.

Eureka, CA

They could have left because of a lack of food. Feeding them 1:1 syrup for a few weeks could help keep them in place, and help them build comb.

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