Encore Azaleas

Jacksonville, FL

All my Encores have almost overnight had there leaves turn from a dark green to a light green with some browning is this a sign of overwatering, they are in large containers and we have had some heavy rain. If overwatering is there anything I can do other than not water myself or have the roots died. Jerry

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Some plants that require acidic soil will sometimes do that when there is a watering problem, Jerry. This could be caused by unusually heavy rains for many days/weeks/months in a row; a hose that continually leaks water nearby; etc.

In the case of a shrub that is planted in the ground, I would do nothing at first, since the soil pH Level "should" return to normal once the problem goes away. But in the case of a potted plant, I would use some iron chelated liquid compounds (available at most nurseries) to sort-of-quickly increase the amount of available iron, add about small shot (1/4) of the normal amount of fertilizer and add some liquid fish/seaweed to add trace minerals. That is because too much rain will wash out all these elements from your potting soil. If the soil that you have soilless potting medium, your plant would benefit from replenishing all these things as well as from protection during very rainy days.

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