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can anyone help me with how to control queen annes lace?

Anamosa, IA

i live in rural iowa. queen annes lace grows wild around here. i spend literally hours digging and pulling this stuff. sometimes i swear the roots go to the center of the earth. has anyone found anything that works to get rid of them permanently, or to prevent them would be even better!

Newfield, NY(Zone 5a)

Probably the most important thing is not to let it go to seed, but if Queen Anne's Lace is surrounding your property, that's probably not possible.

If you can't eradicate it, have fun with it. If you put a flower stem into water that has food dye in it, the flower will turn the color of the dye. My Mom used to entertain us kids with that. We'd have red, blue, green, yellow Queen Anne's Lace!

Council Hill, OK

Heck, eat it. It's a carrot, Daucus carota. It's also biennial and only young roots are tender enough to eat. Problem with this plant is the seeds live 3 to 5 years in the soil before they germinate. They are a serious pest and takes a long time to eradicate, even if you could mow all the ones within a mile or so. Maybe if you eat a few, you'll feel better about them.
A note of serious concern though: make absolutely sure you know what Water Hemlock looks like. it resembles Queen Ann's Lace quite a bit. It doesn't smell like a carrot, the stems are hollow and usually spotted, with a foul smell and will exude a yellow liquid when cut. It has distinctive leaves too. This is the one plant everyone needs to be able to identify on sight. 2 tablespoons will turn off the lights.

Coushatta, LA

Kill it while it's young.

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