stacked container video

Kerrville, TX

I am throwing this one in just for fun. Check the answer from this Nicky dude, the expert.

Crestview, FL

Jaywhacker: Some of my roots on my tomatoes are super huge and long, so, I don't think the stackers would work for me, they would wind up being part of the drain system. I of course, love the EBs the best, as they are the easiest to take care of. I know you and others seem to be having no problems with growing tomatoes in your vertical stackers though, I've noticed, so maybe the expert just doesn't seem to think what is not feasible is actually feasible. I made my own cucumber trellis today for some of my cukes in the HEBs, it's designed to be like a mountain, send them up it and then down it leaving room for other veggies in my back yard, as I've had to move my stuff around twice already.

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