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Steubenville, OH

Hi to this board so it's nice to meet you.

My husband and I bought 82 acres about 3 years ago, mostly all of it is hay pastures. These past years we have always had someone cut the hay on shares, but really want to do it ourselves. So we are now looking for a tractor, but feel very overwhelmed by all the new jargon. Based on what the past farmers who cut our hay told us, we need at least a 50hp tractor. But what I'm lost on, is what is the difference between a class 1 and class 2 3 point hitch? We also want to buy a box scraper, since our road is always getting full of big ruts, but the only ones I can find are for class 1 hitches, and the tractor we are interested in is a class 2. Can you buy an adapter, or am I just not understanding things correctly? Help, help! Hope I'm making some sense and thanks for the help.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Category 1 is a 3/4 inch shaft size, category 2 is 1 inch shaft size and any tractor dealer should have adapters. There should be no problem buying a category 2 tractor, you can make category 1 implements fit. Category 2 is a heavier hitch for more horsepower.


Tipton, MO

Hello Kids:

My wife asked me to help you with tractor advice...

Been haying for 60 years so I'll try.

There are now Category 1, 2 and 3 sizes of three point hitches.

They grew as horsepower went up.

What you'll want for standard to heavy duty is Cat. 2 which is 1" top link w/ 1-1/8" lower pins. If that box blade has the 3/4" pins use adapter bushings.

Tractor size is dependent on the baler and topography !

If hilly -- go 20 hp larger so you can stop midslope w/ a full baler !

A word about brands -- purchase equipment with a nearby and dependable dealer you can trust. Don't get much haying done driving 'cross the state for parts.

Hope you have the patience to wait for the weather to settle before you cut hay. Then for the hay to cure before you try to bale !

Most peope dont !

Good Luck ! Don Yoest, MO

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