Perrenial hot peppers and spring surprises

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

Had three purple hot pepper plants, (start purple, turn shades of tan, orange, etc).... two of them are resprouting after this horrid winter (16 degrees many times, one week never above 50F). i had no idea, i just let everything hang out looking DEAD!, glad i did. The guy at the feed and seed says everyone thinks winter is over, NOT! he says it can still frost here until april 1st... here's hoping he is wrong. Also my best winter plant this year, kept blooming through the wicked cold with a little frost damage here and there, Tampa Verbain... very pretty light purple flowers, growing and spreading like crazy. have new little seeds coming up all over, i have no idea what some are... planted a bunch of seeds i have never planted before. started throwing seeds out for a wildflower patch last fall, i can tell what the california poppies are, otherwise i am not sure what are weeds, mexican hats, blanket flowers, and i can't even remember what all i threw out there! (talk about no organization). left a jatropha out during 16 degree night, brought inside and left... it is growing leaves and has a few blooms on it!. also desert rose, stuck somewhere in the jungle, no leaves, is now leafing out nicely. last year i spent a fortune trading and buying plants, this year it is SEEDS. i did buy a red penta, not sure if mine are going to come back.. do they? i am so happy to see things starting to grow and green up. my red buds are blooming, my camelias finally bloomed (until the heat knocked off the rest of the blooms), and azaleas which have always bloomed in december are just starting to bloom...

Lyndeborough, NH

What variety are these? A lot of northern hot pepper growers might try it.

Might not make -27F outside, but maybe in a little warmer

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