Have hummingbirds arrived yet?

There are a total of 440 votes:

Yes, they have been here for a couple of months.
(71 votes, 16%)
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Yes, they have been here for a few weeks.
(212 votes, 48%)
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I haven't seen any yet, but my feeders are up.
(55 votes, 12%)
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I have a while to go before I see any here.
(22 votes, 5%)
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Hummingbirds live here almost year-round.
(57 votes, 12%)
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We do not get hummingbirds where I live.
(23 votes, 5%)
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Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

seeing them was the greatest reward for planting my Hummingbird/Butterfly garden at the beginning of february!

Deering, NH(Zone 5a)

The first few days I got one hummingbird and then all of a sudden I got 3. So I'm doing pretty good. I expect to see 4 soon. Last year I had 2 pairs of hummingbirds. They are my favorite of course.

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Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

They've been back here up on the hill for about a week. I hope they didn't freeze their little tail feathers off last night, we had a freeze. I don't put up feeders, but have plenty of flowers for them. We always have at least two pair and often as many as four. One little female likes to hover in the front window and watch us.

Clay Center, KS(Zone 5b)

So far the orioles are keeping both hummingbird feeders busy, but a couple of hummers get in too. We had never had orioles before last year, and this year we have two pairs again. I'm debating about putting up a third feeder.

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

I didn't answer this one. No idea if there are hummingbirds around, yet. I've never seen one here, but I'm sure there are at some point in the year, just not around my house or garden.


Southeastern, NH(Zone 5b)

Mine have only been here for a week but I voted for 'a few weeks' because there wasn't any other way to go. : )

Plano, TX(Zone 8a)

I actually saw a female hanging around in March where I usually hang the feeder, but she left and hasn't returned since. I have the feeder up again now, so hopefully it won't be long before she returns. The red trumpet vine is in full bloom too, and they love that.

We had two pairs of ruby-throats last year. I miss the black-chinned hummers we often saw when we lived a little further north, in McKinney TX. They are striking.

Chewelah, WA(Zone 5a)

Ours showed up about 2 weeks ago. Greedy little beggars emptied the first feeder in 2 days! I put up a new, bigger feeder in the garden, but I don't think they've figured it out yet. It has metal flowers on the sides and they keep going for those instead of the feeding ports.

Washington, IN(Zone 6a)

Ours have been here for a couple weeks now put up the feeders and they used them a day or two and not seen them since. They were little bitty black ones with a red throat. Beautiful little things !!!!!

(Zone 7a)

We have a male and female who use ours. When we saw them a couple of weeks ago, I put the feeder up. In 10 minutes they were at the feeder. I can only get the male on 'film'.

Thumbnail by kwanjin
McKinney, TX(Zone 8a)

They've been here about a month and a half. I had a little male black chinned hummingbird check me out yesterday, buzzing back and forth in front of me in the garden. He flew into the garden and was a bit surprised by me. I think he was trying to make sure I was safe. His purple throat was just glowing. There is a dead tree about 30 feet from my garden and the hummers like to sit up in the high branches and rest between trips to my garden. It's great to watch them zooming between plants.

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(Trisha) Olympia, WA(Zone 8a)

This isn't the greatest picture, but it says a lot about hummingbirds in our area......

Thumbnail by zhinusmom
Southeastern, NH(Zone 5b)


Eastern Long Island, NY(Zone 7a)


San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

I chose "hummingbirds live here almost year-round." I'm currently watching my 5th hummingbird nest of the season. I'd never seen any nests before this year, and it's been so much fun observing them and taking 100's of photos of all the action. Here is a photo of the first nest I discovered back in February. Unfortunately the eggs blew out of the nest in a storm, but I believe mom went on to build another nest nearby (someone sure did, at least ;-)).

Thumbnail by sunnyg
No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

Sunny's photo journal of the nesting hummers has been fantastic! We also have a thread of Hummingbird Adventures on the California forum. Perfect pictures not required, we just love watching our little jewels of the air and share their antics with each other. It's sad that not everyone gets to enjoy them as we do.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

We have ruby throats, and blackchinned hummers here since the end of Feb. We have about 20 or more here! Love to watch them fly and play!

(Zone 7a)

What a great shot in the nest! We only get 2-3 hummers every year. We do get treated to mating flights, though. Very much fun to watch.

Isles Bay, Montserrat(Zone 11)

I voted Hummer's live here almost year around but they actually live here all year around.

Kewanee, IL

I saw the hummingbirds on my blueberry bushes....testing the flowers. They were beautiful.

Salina, KS(Zone 6a)

Our hummers have been & gone further on north. They don't seem to stay here to nest. In August they will come thru on their way south & stay maybe a month.

Edens_Gardener We use grape jelly in salsa jars to feed our orioles. I made a baling wire harness & hang them from shepherds hooks. Counted 12 in the yard at one time. We are going thru more than a 2 llb jar a day.

Edited to add use a snap clothespin for the perch.

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Denville, NJ(Zone 6b)

May 6th was my first sighting here

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Heerlen, Netherlands(Zone 8b)

I envy you all..we don't have hummingbirds :-(

Beachwood, NJ(Zone 6b)

My first hummer arrived on April 26. I currently have seen 2 males and one female. I have four feeders out and two hummer gardens plus a hummer haven in the works...and tons of wild trumpet vines and honeysuckle for them too!

L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

We have hummingbirds all year. We've had orioles for about two months.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

I have one female red throat, she's been here about 2 weeks. I haven't seen any others yet.

Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

Hummingbirds are considered dangerous here: it pollinates pineapples and they would ruin all the crops.... Don't miss them that much...too many other beautiful birds....

Southeastern, NH(Zone 5b)

Wow that is interesting!

Portland, OR(Zone 8a)

We are fortunate to have Anna's Hummingbirds here year round. The roufus returned the beginning of April.
I think the Summer Banner will be migrating soon to the top of DG site!!! LOL

Johannesburg, South Africa

Birds are definitely lovely birds no matter the variety. Here in South Africa we have Sunbirds of many varieties - mostly in the Cape, but here on the Highveld we have a variety that loves the aloes and kniphofias at this time of year.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

I checked yes, a few weeks, but the first one actually just arrived today, looked in the window at me and demanded to know why his feeder was not up. I got it done fast.

Kalamazoo, MI

I used to put up feeders and grew all the right flowers. I'm afraid this is too urban an environment to attract them. :o(

They started arriving about three weeks ago here. Started with just one for a few days. Now we have about 6. Can't keep our three feeders full. Would love to see a nest! This guy's sitting on an electrical tie we used on our earthbox. He guards the feeder from there.

Thumbnail by seray53
Oracle , AZ(Zone 8b)

Hummers live around here all year. I don't feed them and have just a few plants they like but there are plenty of tiny insects for them.

Portland, OR(Zone 8a)

Like GardenGuy the Annas are here year round. One morning in January I got a call from my neighbor begging me to thaw out my feeder because one persistent and hungry fellow was trying desperately to draw some nectar from the frozen feeder. And the roufus hummers have been around for a few weeks at least. They help keep my cat entertained. Z

Minden, LA

Our first one surprised me 2 weekends ago when he nearly hit my face as he was checking me out on the patio! He's the only one we've seen so far but he's an aggressive little man.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

After reporting that we had one, we counted 3 and now this morning see that there are four! I hope they aren't just passing through.

Portland, OR(Zone 8a)

They were probably all there But awaiting to see if your were gonna be
Feeder Friendly! LOL

Buffalo, NY(Zone 6a)

I voted "I haven't seen any yet, but my feeders are up" on the assumption that lots of Aquilega canadensis in bloom count as "feeders." ;)

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