Forever & Ever Together hydrangea questions

Laurel, MD(Zone 7a)

I just found this and would like any suggestions on growing this lovely plant. I would love to put it in a pot if possible but don't know what size pot I should use. Would it be ok to overwinter in a pot? Any advice would be appreciated. On the tag it said average size would be 25"x25". Do any of you already have experience in growing this? How much sun/shade? Thanks.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

In your zone, it will probably be unhappy if it has afternoon sun, but some morning sun would be fine. As far as pot size, your best bet is to put it in a pot that's the right size for the plant now, and pot it up as it gets larger--if you stick it in a pot that's way too big for it now, that makes it easier to overwater. If it's a bit rootbound in the pot it came in from the nursery you can get a pot that's a little bit larger and move it into that. As far as overwintering, I think it ought to be OK, being in a container typically knocks about a zone off the hardiness but I think these are hardy in zone 5 so it'll probably be alright in a container in zone 7. But if someone from your area says differently then I would take their word for it not mine!

Laurel, MD(Zone 7a)

I appreciate your input. I wasn't sure how large of a pot to put it in. Hope I get some folks who have grown this in my area to share their experiences with this particular plant.

Malvern, AR(Zone 7b)

I just bought one of these also! I am very excited to see how it will do. I have a few other hydrangeas that line the back of my house and they do fine in my zone (7b). I assume since my others do ok then this one will be fine...

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