patio misting system

Austin, TX

Hi all, I'm new to the site and also new to apartment living. I love spending time outside and am trying to make my relatively small balcony as comfortable and inviting as possible. Here in TX, the summer heat can be unbearable at times, and I was wondering if I could use one of those misting systems to help cool it. I'm thinking one of those fairly inexpensive systems that you can hook to a garden hose. (budget conscious) The only problem I see is that the only source of water I have on the balcony, is where the water heater is located in a closet. Is it possible to hook a water hose to the water heater for this purpose? Or would it be necessary to tee off the water supply going directly to the water heater? Is this just a bad idea? Or is it workable?
Thanks for any replies....

Council Hill, OK

This is not a good idea Lynn. The biggest problem will be mold. Greenhouses that use a mist system also have a system to recycle the air in and out of the greenhouse to keep it fresh to prevent diseases. A window "evaporative cooler is the most water you should put in the air. They only work in dry climates although I've used it when I couldn't afford A/C.

Montclair, NJ

I agree. On such a little balcony, you don't want any amount of mold growing and even with the small amount of moisture from the mister, you will definitely get some. What about installing some sort of decorative fan outside?

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