Red rhododendron

Medford, NJ

I am looking for a true red, or as close as possible to it, rhododendron. Bought a few this spring, but they are blooming now and are more of a dark pink.

Does anyone know the name of a red rhodo. or where I can find one? Thanks

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Check out Nova Zembla, Firestorm and Rangoon. Amongst azaleas, check Hershey's Red. Verify that they are good in your zone and that the estimated height/width at maturity is acceptable for your plans.

Medford, NJ

thanks so much, will check into those. I believe Hershey's Red does fine in my zone which is 6 - it is sold locally. And all other rhodos. do good as well.

I appreciate your answer -
enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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