Galva, IL

We've just gone from this lush beautiful spring to the most bugs I have ever experienced this early in the year. With such a harsh winter, I was hoping bugs would be fewer this year. OH NO! We've had the most rain in years and it has caused the best conditions for bugs. Plus, a lot of soil has been washed into places that have plugged or diverted good drainage.

We were saying "good night" last night to friends and we were covered in June Bugs. It was so creepy, like a horror movie. All last week, while I worked in the garden, I was constantly being bothered by biting, stinging, itching bugs. Even, a big coating of repellent did nothing. I think I may have to get bee keeper wear.

Anyone else noticing a huge increase in bugs this year?

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Columbia City, IN(Zone 5b)

DianeEG,Me too ,i call those lil buggers may flies,dont know if thats what they are ? but they bite the crud out of you !! We have not had any abnormal invasions yet,we do have the swamp,as we call it,it usally dries up by july,if it remains wet I might consider mos. dunks.time will tell.I will report.

Chaska, MN(Zone 4a)

Well- we have not been quite so wet here- last 3 weeks have been incredibly dry- but in MN that does not seem to stop the mosquitos! Of course they swarm right at dusk- which is of course the time I have finally gotten the kids to bed- and get a chance to water my veggies! I hate to slather on the OFF just before calling it quits for the night! I am one of those people they love to eat. My husband went out with me last night- and he is one that they leave alone- I was being attacked and he didn't get a bite! I should give him the job of watering- but he's a pilot so 80% of the time he is not home! I just wish I knew why those little buggers tend to prefer me over him! His daily infusion of cheetos and mountain dew must be natural (or not) bug repellents!

Columbia City, IN(Zone 5b)

You would trust your mosquito proof dh to water,trusting woman !!! mine thinks 1 drop is just fine !!!

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