Compassion for gardeners in pain #5

SE/Gulf Coast Plains, AL(Zone 8b)

(Jim) A hug and a prayer for you, BirdieBlue.

Lena, MS(Zone 7b)

Oh Birdie I wish I had been available when you needed a friend to chat with but I am working so hard that I only have a few minutes to check in every night. You know that God has you on earth for a reason and he is not through with you yet. When I get to that point where I think I am at my witts end I think about all the Blessings I have in my life and all the miracles Jesus works in my life and wonder what I would miss if I ended it before he was done with me. I hope that makes sense. You know, when I look at the delicate but perfect parts of flowers I feel so Blessed that I can see them. When I smell a flowers scent I feel Blessed to smell it and so forth and so on. I try to make my time outdoors a discovery of God's Blessings. I pay attention to all the little things too. You know blind people can't sit and watch a wasp pulling a caterpillar across the yard like I did today. Enjoy life girl. It is a gift from God. I wish I lived closer to you. I would come give you a hug and kick in the rear all at once. You are too special to give up. I would not have a little birdie to chat with if you gave up. I will pray for you tonight that you will feel better. I love you. Scraps

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a) crack me up Carrrie..a real mouse.....nope! It would probably be the worlds largest meezer if it was. he is a planter (I think, and about 8" long by about 5" wide at his belly) .
Sorry! I finally fell asleep and just awoke. Now I'm going to go to bed. Nite

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

I love you too Steph and cherish your friendship. It addition to cutting short Jesus' plan fr me, it is friends like you who keep me going on in spite of when I get as down as last night. Suicide is a very selfish act that shows no love or concern for the many family and friends left wondering "if only". I could never do that to you guys or my other friends.
G'nite and Love, Sheri

Lena, MS(Zone 7b)

Awe Birdie that is so sweet. I like being cherished. You have so much to live for girl. Everyday is a Blessing. You just need a med change of some kind. I know what a struggle it is to get med levels correct. It is awful to feel so bad. You need to talk to your doctors and tell them something is not at the right level and you are feeling very depressed. They will help you get it straight. All of these stupid meds we have to take now come with warnings about suisidal thoughts so it should not be a big deal to ask for help. I know it is hard to do but you need to try. Let me explain how easy it is for a medicine to change a personality. My DD had female problems and had to take birth control for it and she went from the sweetest kid to a regular hussy. Her attitude changed dramatically suddenly. It was amazing. A teacher threw something at her jokingly and she jumped up and threw it back real quick and she would never do anything to draw attention to herself. Then her dad said something to her and she snapped his head off. She is so shy and scare of him she will not ask for lunch money each week if he forgets it. So you better believe that meds can bring you down to that level of depression real fast. I know you are a nurse and know more about meds than me but you may not be looking at it like we are. I am not fussing at you dear but I want you to feel better. If a med can change a sweetheart like her in to a raving b&^%$ you better believe they can make someone feel suicidal. Who knows what we are taking anyway. I watched a show on tv that said there are some meds smuggled in the usa by people who make them out of whatever they find to make it look legit. Does not matter what the ingredients are as long as the pill looks like the real ones. Now that is spooky. Gotta shower.Love and prayers,scraps

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Nicely put, Steph.

Lena, MS(Zone 7b)

Thanks Carrie, I try ! I just want to see Birdie Feel Better!

SE/Gulf Coast Plains, AL(Zone 8b)

(Jim) Pray you are feeling better, BirdieBlue.

Planti, you do know that, if you are having difficulty holding a book, that would make you eligible for NLSBPH services. (National Library Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped) It is audio books. of course. They send you a specially designed cassette player. NLS is in the process of moving to a downloadable system, but in most places they still send you cassette books you choose through the mail. No postage. It is a free service. Audio books take some getting used to when you are shifting from print. But, it is an option. You just need a statement from the doctor that holding a book is a problem for you.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Just checking in. It sounds as tho some of you have been having some really hard times. I do understand. No serious depression any more, but the fibro and OA/RA keep me on tighter reins than I like.

My oldest DD lives with me now and that is a lot of comfort and help even tho she is in as bad or worse condition than me. She does have serious mental problems. They called it schizophenia when she was a teenager but call it something like multipersonality disorder now. She hears voices when it isn't under control. When under control she is ok but also has fibro/OA & maybe some type of neuritis. She has terrible pain across the top of her feet. Xrays, vascular scans & tests show nothing is the matter in those areas. She sees her primary care doctor on Thursday & we'll talk about it more. She can't stand to wear the compression hose she is suppose to wear all the time. She did for a while but can't anymore. I think she should have left the hard sole boot for a longer time than she did. The ER doctor gave that to her when the xray showed no break but it could have been a hairline one. So she is nearly bedfast much of the time.

Scraps, the house sounds lovely tho like you I don't really care for the redness of the redwood stain. It is really wonderful that you won't have a monthly house payment. I know many sacrifices had to be made but you will never reget not having that payment every month.

Long hot showers are my biggest help when I am so sore and tired but making myself get ready for it and doing it are often too much to do so a dose of meds has to make do. I know the feeling of having taken too much when all I really wanted was to end the terrible pain. It can really be scary. No, I don't think you had any death wishes.

Sheri, I do hope you can get the help you need. I don't think anyone here intends to chew out anyone else. They certainly don't intend to yell at you personally, just the situations we find ourselves in sometimes. Caps can also be a shout of joy, relief, etc. It doesn't have to have a negative meaning.

GOD bless and keep each of you. I don't post often anymore because I have trouble getting online or on DG at times. But I do think of you and pray for all of you often.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Good to jear from you, leaf!

Huntersville, NC

and a HappyHello to ALL!

yes i have 'been away' for a while. There is just such a wealth and bountiful quantity of stressful things gone seriously wrong ive discovered i DO gardening and obsess over other things - participating in DG co-ops or swaps - just to take my mind off of the real-stuff happening here!

but back to my prior post . . .about wheelchairs.

20/30 years ago - i was Incorrectly diagnosed and due to get a wheelchair
- stubbornness / vanity/ sheer-ignorance?(take your pick)
- but IT kicked in!
I moved to Philadelphia with an aunt who lived in a 15 room home, 18 cats (some indoor, some out), 12 dogs, 8 foster kids and at least one other relative - down-on their luck at the time.
(She called it: the House that Jack Built!) hee hee heee
- bought 3 pair of heels and began walking and climbing the four stories of her home for several years.
Finally got correctly diagnosed and began living my life.
I began to walk again. . . .never did fully figure what was wrong then.

fast forward to today. 2 / 3 years ago.
Hon had a knee replacement and refusing pain rx
- I GOT the stomach ulcer just Watching/Knowing of such pain.
AND SWORE?/PRAYED: No knee replacement for me - EVER
- I git a bum knee - just cart me in for a wheelchair!

. . .there IS the saying: "Be careful for what you ask for . . ."

had a bad car crash and something in my back got busted.
Permit me to share what i call a 'point of reference':
When my back first stepped from bad to worse and got the first correct diagnoses from his knee/ortho doctor. the man said,
"Remember THAT Knee Replacement?
- the one you swore you could/would NEVER withstand?
- ALL of THAT Pain?
- Well that is a Walk In The Park considering what My Back was DO-ing."
. . Yep! That was a Point Of Reference for me!

in the future - I WILL keep my big mouth shut
- about what I can or cannot withstand! ha Ha HA HA HA!!

and alas: in ANY store, at ANY time
- I may HAPPILY seek and enjoy the USE of a motorized wheel chair! (motorized cuz ive no upper body strength - yet.)
and get quite miffed if I cannot locate one!

Meaning? If it is REALLY needed - it is REALLY appreciated!
lol! Lol!!! LOL!!!!!
. . .yes given time - even I had to laugh at my madness!

So wheel chair or no - let the Good Times Roll!
Father Time/ Grim Reaper always takes his stroll.
and Both have a Roll.
but I'll be @#$%% if I sit and wait their arrival!
Oh No not I!
They will have to chase/ track/ hunt me down like a
fox in a hunt, bad child hiding the candy or
a 3-strikes-your-out escaped convict!

there will be no Silently-Into-The-Night for me!
Which reminds me of trying to explain why it seem as though bad things always happen to good people:
Bad people are always on the RUN - thus making it difficult for ANYthing (bad luck/grim reaper - whatever) to catch up with them.

of course this is not true - but it sure seems like it sometimes.

have a great day, rest of week
- and thinks for reading: My Madness!

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Funny sad and true! Thanks for sharing your crazy world with us crazies. My kids are fighting like cats today. Grrrr.

Huntersville, NC

Suicide? I wanted to comment on this because i see it was mentioned a couple of times.

It deserves a separate post.

Before I decided to move to Phila - while waiting/thinking about the unknown
- I was AT suicides door but decided I wanted something different for myself and moved to Phila.
- once accurately diagnosed, I got a star-studded career with numerous accolades!

However, about 10 years ago when I became totally disabled after having a very prominent career I again found myself at THAT door.
I was depressed. I had lost my career/ livelihood/profession/pension.
I had even MADE plans to end it - but deciding when. . .
I went to one of those SSI appointment and had to stand on line.
Began talking with a Vietnam Veteran.

I was depressed. lost my . . .made plans
- when that man got through talking to me - about HIS thoughts
- his words plunged me, NEKKED (naked) into an Ocean of ICE
. . . as in Back to The Matter of LIVING!
Hindsight - I truly do hope he got professional help.
Listening to him was VerySobering.

sometimes one can talk or entertain an unpopular idea until
- you hear another who has such CLARITY, it Actually Frightens.

a Definite Been-There Moment.

the big picture is: Tomorrow CAN bring new Joys and Hopes. has a wealth of Relaxation or Self-Healing mantras,
these may not heal - but sure makes me FeelBetter.
when not on-line a list of Positive Self-Affirmations
are wonderful too.
- sometimes I say them 4 - 6 [email protected] day
just to feel better!

and that IS the BigPicture for me right now.

mulege, Mexico

Hi Everybody, I've been away from computers for almost a month and am now catching up on what's been going on here. Currrantly, I have a bad cold and conjunctivitis in both eyes. They good news is that with all these going on I hardly notice my arthritis pain. I am miserable with the cold, etc but I know they will pass. I'm still pretty miserable now and will go lie down again when I finish this.

I have some comments to make on suicide. I often think of my family as being similar to Bing Cosby's first family, four boys with a wife who died of cancer. One, maybe two of those boys comitted suicide and we found out that Crosby was a rather nasty alchoholic. My father had a great public image but he was an endlessly critical and incredibly self-centered drunk. Of my three sisters, the younger one killed herself, the oldest one died of natural cause while in the mid 60's after several serious suicide attempts. My other surviving sister is drinking and smoking herself to death. I have promised my niece (daughter of my oldest sister) that I will not kill myself. When I am visited by thoughts of suicide I remember that I have vowed that I will not do that to her and her siblings and cousins. My father's father killed himself and I know how that affected my life. It is a horrible thing to do if you have anyone in the world that you care about.

When I'm not feeling my best and I talk to my niece about my feelings of failure and how proud I am of how well she is doing she always reminds me that I was her role model. For all my feelings of failure, she saw me a a person who had made a necessary break from a very sick family. She was able to make a similar break with much less anguish.

I had a bad fall in early April, wiped me out of about a month, then got a urinary tract infection that was so painful I wouldn't lie down or sleep for more than an hour or two. Got well enough to travel and spend three weeks with my teacher from India but now I'm laid up again and waiting for a package of plants so I can head for home.

I recently found out I am diabetic and, already overweight, I've gained weight in the last few months. I have made a deal with myself to be careful about what I eat but not to hassle myself about diet and exercise wile I'm so sick with a cold and conjunctivitus.

One book I found during my travels is "Living the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." One of the stories I saw while glancing through it interested me. Several stories were about people who are dealing with chronic pain. I found it is an amazing book and I recommend it highly.

All of you are in my prayers and I wish everyone the best possible day.


P.S. Please forgive any babbling, rambling. Remember I have a head cold!

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Oh ((((katiebear))))! Diabetes is no fun on top of everything else you have going on! I hope you get over your cold quickly. Congratulations on escaping your toxic family mindset - it sounds like you have a great relationship with your niece.

I have seen that book but never looked at it, i mean I've heard of it but never picked it up, you know? I'll try to find out more about it....

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Katie - your decision " not to hassle myself about diet and exercise wile I'm so sick with a cold and conjunctivitus." sounds exactly like the self talk of someone who does not want to change dietary habits. Neither a cold or pink eye are valid reasons for delaying making positive dietary changes such as talking to a dietician or reading online (heck, DG probably has threads!) about what constitutes a "healthy diet" (the term diet here refers to whatever food is ingested). If you've gained weight over the past few months and have been depressed...well, probably many of us have been there. Oh the depression gobbling had me to where it was just not comfortable sitting anymore. My big belly got in the way, unless I was reclining. Finally, after slowly watching the scales creep up over a couple of years, October of 2007 I stopped eating carbs and sugars mostly. No fast food, no pizza, no cheese, ice cream, chips, etc, etc, etc. I had to go 100% cold turkey with a "Never" rule. Over 18 months I lost 45 lbs. Now I will go out for Pizza or have a burger on a rare occasion. I pretty much have to NOT go for the Breyers 2 for $5 sale though because I can go thru them both in 2-3 days.
BUT----My first goal was to start making healthy dietary choices Not to lose weight. that was an end result of my changes though and mentally I even felt better.
SO - I really want to encourage you to find some healthy foods that you really enjoy and then you might see this as adding some good things rather than having to do without the other stuff.
I hope you can tell that I only wrote this cause I care ^_^ Change of any kind isn't easy, but sometimes the reward is really great!


PS ~ {{{hugs}}} from Elvis

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Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Hey there, I just read my last post and it sounds harsh, which is not what I meant to put across at all.
I just really wanted to encourage you to continue making positive changes and I know how difficult it is with food issues.

Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

Katie Bear, I'm diabetic too. You don't have to starve to diet. Just eat sensibly. Slow down on carbs but don't leave them out. Splenda is a great sugarfree sweetner. eat those veggies. explore the amazing world of spices.Love that protein!!! Fats are yucky!!! After 30 years i still just take pills to controll sugar levels. Boy!! do i love sugarfree icecream!!(in mderation of course) Go to and type in diabetic deserts and injoy!

I had my own little demons haunt me after reading your posts on depression and pain. I guess there are somethings we have to deal with alone to make sense from. Last winter i took a large handful of oxycodone and sat down to die. Yep God did'nt mean for me to die an i did'nt even get sleepy. Things are better now. but at the time after i took the pills i had the most wonderful sense of peace and comfort. I know now that God will take care of me in His way and someday i can rest in peace but in the meantime i've got things to do here.
I'm a big hugger. Wish i could come and hug each of you.For people in Wheel chairs i always give a gentle pat on the back because i too know the importance of touch to us silly humans. LOL So consider yourself patted on the back.but i want one back.
My grandmother and uncle never hugged or kissed me as a child and i have alot to make up for.

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

{{hugs}} goodnite to everybody here,


Lena, MS(Zone 7b)

{{hugs}} from scraps to everyone who deals with pain or depression for I truly know what it is all about. I also have diabetes and do not watch what I eat closely enough. I need a cook. Hubby wants everything fried and meat every meal.
If I have to cook it I am going to have some of it. I like fresh veggies so I do better in summertime. I drink too many diet dr peppers too.
I am exhausted and must go to bed now. Goodnight all. Love and Prayers, scraps

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

((((All of us)))) I need a cook too - I love to cook and I would eat what I cook, but no-one else would! My husband would have died and gone to heaven if they had Diet Dr. Pepper here!

Spokane, WA(Zone 5b)

I'm glad there is a place for me today where I can talk about pain. I always feel like I'm not "supposed" to talk about it or that people think I'm looking for pity. I'm not. Some days, I just need to TELL people. I don't know why.

This morning I woke up with pain all over...I feel like someone came in during the night and beat me with a baseball bat. I am trying to do the right things...I did my stretching exercises, ate a nutritious breakfast, started puttering around the house trying to get my body to loosen up. No fact it's kinda getting worse. Argh.....!!! It's just frustrating!

I know what I have to do...go sit and rest my body (BORING). I took a half of hydrocodone and I'm going to take more if this keeps up. That's what the pain pills are there for, right?

I wanted to do something fun today...whaaaaaaaa!

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

McPlanter, you go right ahead and tell it like you really feel it. We all know the need to do that sometimes. You aren't whining, you are being observative of what your body and mind are telling you. That is a good thing as any good doctor will tell you. The hydrocodone is a good thing too. Is yours mixed with tylenol? It will help with pain that other pain killers just cannot handle very well. Do hot showers or tub baths help you? Moist heat is a wonderful pain reliever for most folks. For others cold works better. I pray you find something just plain fun to do today.

I'm having a pretty good day. I had a couple really difficult ones tho this week & had to turn to Percocets to get relief. Hot showers helps when I could muster the extra effort to take one. My DD Sheila who lives with me now had some bad ones too. She is doing much better today too. We are hostessing a 5th of July party for mostly her friends and our family so she is feverishly working to get the yarden cleaned up really well. It has been so rainy and we have had so many trips to the VA clinics 60 miles away the past 4 weeks that we are way behind in everything including housework. We both have fibro and OA so fatigue and pain of some lever are our constant companions. I told her that we can't possibly do all the catching up in just this week but she is trying. We also have mulberries and blackberries ripening that need to be picked starting this week. The blackberry crop usually last about 2 weeks or so. We have so much weedeating and mowing out there to even be able to get too the blackberries.

I pray each of you has a good weekend. GOD bless and keep each of you..

Ozone, AR(Zone 6a)

Feel free to tell it like it is. Think we all know how it is.huh?
Leaf, do like i did and just make a wide path to your berries. In this heat you need to conserve all the energy you can. I'm not even going out to look at mine till almost dark.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Lucky me, I have no crops at all to worry about (except I hope to have tomatoes later on if the sun ever comes out)!

DH took the "broom closet" totally apart, which hasn't held a broom in years. He pulled EVERYTHING out, threw a bunch of stuff away, cleaned out the inside and then DD#1 repainted the inside. Only problem is all the stuff that is supposed to go back into the closet is still spread out all over the dining room. That would be okay too except he's having cataract surgery on Wednesday! Ay yi yi!

Lena, MS(Zone 7b)

Planti, I am so sorry that your pain is bad today. I am sending alot of hugs, kisses, compassion, and Prayers your way in hopes that tomorrow will be a better day.
I wish we could rotate the pain on a schedule of some kind so we could at least get a day off sometimes. Or when we have an important or special day coming up we could exchange a day with someone. I would have taken yours and leaflady"s today if I could have a day off this week. Wouldn't that be great? If we can not rid the world of pain we could at least share the load on special days so everyone could have some time off. But here in the real world we have to deal with it alone or get on Dave's and vent about it to keep from exploding. I simply had to go to Walmart to talk with my Pharmacist about new medicare Prescription plan. Then pick up some groceries with my DD there to help. It was about 100 degrees today and I was drenched in sweat and my sugar fell before I could do that little chore. So I understand for sure. It is frustrating not to be able to do anything without some kind of problem. Folks were looking at me like I was a drug addict or something because I was sweating so bad. One man stared until I did a very rude and childish thing and flipped him off. Man did that feel good. Now I will repent but he just stood there staring at me making a face. I did not let DD see me do it. She would have spanked me.LOL. Well I will go to bed now I have been bad, Love and Prayers, scraps

Spokane, WA(Zone 5b)

I was much better yesterday so thanks to all. Today is still to be decided :)

Scraps, you made me laugh with your story! I know it's not nice to flip people off but sounds like he kinda had it coming. Plus, it's funny! LOL

For those of you in this heat wave, you've got my prayers. The heat just melts me into a big puddle.

Lena, MS(Zone 7b)

Planti, I am so glad you got a laugh out of that story. It was funny afterwards but not while I was sweating and feeling sick there in the store. I have anxiety in crowds and it always happens to me. But it was worse because of the heat. That is why my DD buys groceries every week. But I needed to see pharmacist and explain I have new drug card. I hate having to deal with anything like that it just stresses me out. I want to throw my hands in the air and tell hubs to either do it or else. I do not like to deal with anything that is stressful anymore. I almost cry when writing out bills and figuring checkbook. My mind is mush these days and so it is hard to concentrate on anything so I make mistakes and usually stupid ones. Then he looks at me like I am crazy so it is just tooo much sometimes. If I say I am too crazy to do bills he gets mad then if I try and mess up he gets huffy so why do either. He is a good man, do not get me wrong, but they just do things different than women. Their minds ususally deal with math better too or at least his does better than mine. I have become too dependent on calculater so I catch myself adding small amounts that are obvious and he just looks at me strangely. Oh well, Fibro did it to me so I cannot help it. I read once that they call it fibro fog so I guess that is the problem. I am so tired I had to take a break before I can take a shower. Have a good evening everyone. Love and Prayers, scraps

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

I live alone. have to do it all or it doesn't get done then late fees are added. right now I can't even straighten up to stand. (think I over used my back muscles gardening the past few days) withought my back brace because I felt so good earlier this week I spent 2 days gardening. after bending at the wast ( I know.....bad bend position!) so I cannot staighten without assistance, I tried to carry a small (round) basket of laundry upstairs to be folded and was in so much pain cried all the way + had to place the basket about 3 stairs up then climb to it , repeat same process till reached the top of stairs, then picked up the basket and by the time I reached the Bedroom the weight of the basket had pulled me over to a bent at the waist position again. Oh, such pain I havn't felt in a long time. I had to wear back and to church ( just couldn bear to also wear th knee braces, but probably needed them also . Was grea seeeong friends and being loved on by people who have genuinely miissed me, but I sure was miserable. Home again, fed BB's and house quadrapods them back to bed.......well not quite, I jhave fannen alseep numerous times here in the liv rm in reclindr repeatedly. It is now 12:15 as I finish this and then I head to bed.
I See VA Dr (8am appt...dont know how in the world I'll make it!!)----- an India woman who stares at computor screen thru the entire interview and talks in that "sing song high pitch near monotonething that they do' and then tells me what she is gooing to to do and that she will want to see me again in 6 mos. If I ask an question she always seems insulted and states she hes gone over 'that'(no matter what it is) and sees no reason for concern. Thnere is no such thig as "discussing an isssue. " with her or any other of the "other Drs of that type who I have seen. It is very anxiety producing and the only positive out of it is that any prescriptions are free for me. This is typical VA medical care for many of us. If I bring any civilian prescriptions, lately they won't even write them for me so they can be at no charge either thru the VA. It sucks!!!!!
As for these threads, my $.02 seem to be more trouble than worth anymore, the best thing for me is to keep my mouth shut, fingers still and stay out of the loop. No hard feelings. I care for many of you deeply an will keep you in my prayers.But thhis is becoming too dificult for me mostly. I will be at the fibro thread if anyone wants to contact me. Also lurking, as my opinions seem to stir up strife so am not going to be inserting them anymore.
Love and prayers,
Sheri ^_^

ps: Elvis weather report shows hot sun for next 3 days then overcast the last 2. Much of the country remains red for "hot". He's moved back so you can see over his shoulder for yourselves even! ^_^


edited for spelling correctiions (sorry for any that I may have missed)

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Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Raining here again. I feel like I should just paste that at the beginning of every post - "raining here again."

(((((Sheri))))) I can't imagine your pain - I hate it when people say "Oh, I know what you mean," when they don't. I've never had pain like that and had any chore I was supposed to do or could do. Maybe after surgery, but then you're in hospital and noone thinks you're going to do laundry. How horrible for you. I hope and pray there is some relief in sight for you. I'm glad you could go to church at least.

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Wow!! have I found something exciting! Mostly for anyone with fibro, but many others might find this helpful also. This address if for a fairly new thread on fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I could certainly identify "spot on" with many of the descriptions of symptoms and planing on printing and carying a "brochure" of this infomation with me to show all of my medical providers and anyone else who may have the need of this enlightenment.
(it is categorized in the healthy living forum. Ours is in the accessible gardening one. So many currently reading this one might never find thee other.)....anyway, please check it out. There are , at present only about 10 or 12 posts. There is SO much in them that helped me. Even those of you with no formal diagnoses of Fibro might find them helpful either for yourself in trying to figure out what is wrong with you or in developing a better understanding of those of us wo do have fibro.
~Here is how the thread opens:
"I have Fibromyalgia,and would like to know what doctors have told others.As far as medication,therapy,etc.
Do you even have a doctor?
How do you feel?
What aggravates your pain?
What alleviates your pain?
Do other people act like you are just making it up or that it's not that bad?
Do you feel worthless at times?Not being able to do what you used to?Or doing things you want to do?
Do you feel old?
Or scared that someday you might not be able to do anything at all?

Maybe together we can give each other tips on how to make days more pleasurable.
Or just whine and complain to each other when everyone else in our lives are sick of hearing about our aches and pains."

I hope this proves helpfull for at least some of you.


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Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

It's helpful for me - thank you.

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

The biggest thing that made it helpful ,for me was because now I know that in spite of this thread's name change a couple of months ago that totally eliminated it as even being in a category that would make it come up in the average fibromyalgia patients subject search, there is currently a fibro forum under the "health or healthy" heading. Our former title "fibromyalgia and gardening" (I think whas how it was worded) was the only one when I was searching, and my anniversary of joining DG is 7/7/08.
I have been very distressed during recent months thinking of any new members with Fibromyalgia that might be struggling out there wondering how to find others with similar problems to ccommunicate with. Daves Garden is a wonderful site But for those of us who are not at all computer savvy it is also an overwhelming challenge just to figure out how to navigate.
For many of us, simple turning on the computer and pressing the correct buttons and links in the correct order to get a picture to come up is a breathtaking (sometimes breathstealing)accomplishment.
So, Carrie, I'm glad to know that the link which I shared was helpful to you, but looking at the even bigger picture, I am even happier to learn that there are now more than just the one thread that Scrapps started forpeople with Fibromyalgia searching for other to both give and receive support.
And so, here seems to be an appropriate place to thank you Scrapps for opening the door of DG help and hope. For the many with Fibromyalgia who have been and those who have yet to learn the name for what they battle every day in trying to find better ways to do the things we love in life that bring us joy.



Lena, MS(Zone 7b)

Thank You Sheri, Fibro is such a big problem these days. There are more and more people that I meet who have it or know someone who does. The info you posted sounds similar to something my brother has dealt with for years. He faints if he has to stand in line somewhere for very long. He has done it so many times that he avoids lines at all. He has someone else do whatever is required if possible. So that is very interesting to me. I will have to tell him about it. I will read more later. I am tired and need to stretch out a while on couch. Too tired to shower yet. We got all the windows framed today. Next will be doors and framing doors indoors.Lol. I hate that you feel so upset about people making remarks that are hurtful. You have to just let it roll off your back like water on a ducks back. Sometimes the person means no harm it is just easy to misunderstand. We just could not go on without you. Look what you did today you may have saved my brothers life by posting something so important. Do not let negativity ruin this for you. Have a good evening Maybe I will be back later. scraps

SE/Gulf Coast Plains, AL(Zone 8b)

(Jim) Thank you, BirdieBlue. My niece has been told she has Fibromyalgia by one doctor and Lyme's disease by another. I know she is seriously struggling with all that is happening to her. Aside from helping her directly, links like the one you gave can help those of us who are dealing with other types of challenges, or no challenges at all, to understand where someone with Fibromyalgia is coming from. I can't imagine the Accessible Forum without you, though. I think conflict is just a natural part of things when there are people from different walks of life coming together. I would not worry about it too much. But, I understand if you are finding it too stressful at this stage of your personal journey. Just know you are in my prayers and the prayers of all associated with Amargia. (Jim)

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

I am very glad to know that by my sharing the information and links some people will be better informed and others mwy be better understood. The thing that shocked me was that from a thread that began from a springboard off of a Fibromyalgia and gardening thread to focus more on joy, somehow it is no longer under the health categories, but is now under mobility. I can now understand the new polulation of people talking about mobility issues, whereas wheelchairs or canes were only occasionaly mentioned prior to the past month or so.
All of this is fitting , for me, a piece of the even bigger picture together. That is that nothing, absolutely nothing in this world happens that God does not allow. Now that can and indeed is a very bitter and challenging pill to swallow at times however there are other times, as this one is proving to be for me where, in believing that (please remember that I said allow not makes happen), I am enlightened to an even more exciting bit of information.
When change occurs that is difficult to accept or endure, I now have this frame of referance to look back on and see where changes that I was not very supportive of have perhaps opened doors of support and encouragement to others than maybe were not finding any doors except for this one that they could feel comfortable opening.
I am very glad to have been a part in creating that door !

ps to Jim - I figure that is you in the picture of blowing the conch shell. The moment I saw it, as soon as I pressed 'enter' for my question on how it was done, there stood a handsome answer to my question - simple , the Conch must have an opening at both ends! Although I had collected some mighty fine speciminesin my life, never have I found one with such a fine and mature skirt as to have an opening at both ends. Plus I believe you have bigger lungs. Although I do pretty well on a Shofar

Nite all ^_^

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

I'm very impressed, Sheri! I can only get a sputter, if anything, out of Ray's assorted brass instruments, and then am winded for a while. I can blow across a bottle, though. ^-^

I think assistive devices can help us do more, whether wheelchairs, canes, the carts you borrow in stores, whichever. Anything that prevents pain has got to be a good idea, right?

Me, I spent the day being the designated driver for DH who had his 2nd cataract surgery today. I was anticipating a lot of pain - the first eye had "the thickest cataract I've ever seen" according to the MD so it took a loooong time, and for me, sitting up in the wheelchair for that long was incredibly painful. This one was much more routine, I only had to wait 3 hours, which is tolerable. So I was expecting I would be in pain but I'm not!

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Glad to hear that all of that sitting has't left you reeling in pain. It's no welcome visitor at my door.
Well it couldn't be classified as a visitor anymore since there is hardly a day goes by without it's poking a nasty little finger somehere somehow.
. Not quite sure what your point is here by pointing out that "assistive devises can help us do more" either...? Isn't that why they are called assistive devises?
I've been reading up on Fibromyalgia and other online studies I'm involved in, along with trying to watch a movie and keep the back deck clear of intruder birds. Seems like many of the new momma birds have discovered the mealworms that I put out for the Bluebirds and are bringing their little fedglings there for a snack. Consequently my bluebird Mom has become very skittish and they. are timid rather shy little birdies anyway
Well all, Since learning that the focus of this thread has been changed from Healthy Lifestyle to Accessible Gardening, I shall be moving to unwatch status after this entry. I came originally because of the common challenges brought to our gardening lives by Fibromyalgia and other Chronic Pain type of illnesses and stayed thru the name change transition period to be supportive and stay in touch with friends. Some of whom seem to have slowly drifted elsewhere. Now that I have learned that this is classified in Aaccessible Gardening which is not one of my priority issues . I will be found in the fibromyalgia Chronic pain and birding sites plus lurking here and visiting too, now and then.
gentle {{hugs}}. Sheri

Spokane, WA(Zone 5b)

Hmmm....I feel as though I am missing something. My primary challenge in gardening is my fibromyalgia and it seems pretty right on to me to have it in "accessible gardening". To make something accessible is about a lot more than mobility. Also as a person who deals with pain all the time, I think it's helpful to hear of other conditions which cause pain and hardship...our common bond. Anyway, it's certainly not the first time I've felt like I wasn't getting someone's point, Sheri. :)

Personally, I'm going through a time where I am tired of worrying about the things that divide us and would rather focus on the things that unite us.

SE/Gulf Coast Plains, AL(Zone 8b)

(Jim) Yes, Planti, I agree. The causes behind what we have to deal with may be different. And, we may have different methods of coping. But, the emotions that result are the same. For example, "Fibro fog" does not sound so very different from dealing with the dumbing down that often results from taking Tramadol when you have D.D.D. (Degenerative Disc Disease). Insofar, as the anger,frustration, sadness, fear and embarrassment are the same. The emotions that come from knowing you are not as mentally sharp as you once were.

Flying up to PA on the 7th. I am a little worried about how well I will handle everything on my own. I have become so dependent on DW to fill in the blanks when my thought processes are a little spacey. I will be dealing with some major issues while I am home. My older brother's memorial service and what, if anything, we as a family need to do since my mother appears to be developing Altzheimer's. Well, I will definitely be more sympathetic than I would have been before DDD and Tramadol.

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