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Deer Park, IL(Zone 5b)

Hi everyone-I haven't been online for a while and just wanted to touch base and tell you what is happening in my pond. As you can see in my photo of my stream, there is a kiddie pool set up on my patio. It used to house my koi fish but now houses my plants. The fish have been so sick since we built this pond we have decided to redo the pond (already). it is only 1 year up and running. All you newbies and people who are considering putting in a pond I highly recommend you learn from my mistakes. . .

We are having an aerated bottom drain installed (as well as having the pond dug deeper-to a depth of approx. 5 1/2 feet). The drain will be connected to another very powerful pump with a back wash system and the water fall will be lifted to house this back wash system and all the water (skimmer and bottom drain return water) will come down the waterfall stream area. The plant shelves will be approx 12 inches below the surface and will be 12 inches wide approximately. Right now my pond is 2000 gallons at a depth of 3 feet in the middle and I have a huge plant shelf (hated this). The changes will make my pond approx. 4000 gallons.

My fish were very sick and dying but have since recovered in my 117 gallon stock tank. They are finally swimming around and eating like they did when we first bought them. It's nice to see that change in them. It is hard to keep up with a clean tank but I am trying. I have my huge fishmate for 2000 gallon pond in the 117 gallon tank and the fish seem to be really enjoying riding the current it makes. They ride it to the end and swim around and get back on. Very cute to me. Them seem happier! Anyway, will try to get more pictures of the progress and changes as it happens. They should start next week late.

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Holland, OH(Zone 5b)

Oh wow! This will be exciting to watch. So glad to hear the fish are doing good. Koi do love a current. Absolutely.

Deer Park, IL(Zone 5b)

Here's a picture of my bog with my puppy proofing. The dog hasn't gotten in since although I have had to untangle the toads and frogs that climb the fencing and get caught.

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Athens, PA

Linda -

Glad to hear your fish are doing better. I am looking forward to seeing the progress of the new pond.

Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

Lovely,keep the pics coming!

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