What do you have on your kitchen counter right now?

Agawam, MA

I have in soil: 5 rex begonia leaf cuttings, 4 bushy peperomia cuttings, 1 ming aralia cutting, 2 sanservia, 5 AV leaves, string of pearls

in water: creeping fig, gynura, aluminum plant, philodendron, pothos

I think my family would go through withdrawal if there would actually be room to prepare food on the counter!

Hi Cindy,you really don't want to know,lol'I have several qt. of canned tomatoes(discovered cleaning DH closet last week)A habit I accquired from my mother for emergencies(hiding food)lol. My euphorbia under the counter light,babies. Several tomatoes too small to work up and across the way on another(snack bar) Candles,as we are having t-storms,losing power frequently. Also my very large container of Kentia Palms,must sprinkle soon,keep forgetting.Pots/pans to wash but can't 'til the storms pass.Must organize and clean to make another mess bringing in some containers and take more cuttings,never ends.

And Cindy,our kids lived with this too somehow they seldom got sick,never went hungry and never appologized to their friends,lol' When they do get to come home their only remark is"ya never had this stuff in the fridge,when we were home",lol Not to mention "casing my pantries" and raiding them,lol' Irma Bombeck was my inspiration while raising kids also,my anchor in tough times''Thanks for asking,fun' Sis'

A stack of cookbooks i seldom use, a ferm mom just sent I did put it in a pot now don't see a place to put it! dirty dishes, as I can never keep 100% up with them , as at the moment I have 3 little ones down for naps! yeah! (I babysit)
2 vases with jew, pothos ivy, creeping charlie rooting. Oh, some cornbread that is probably sprouting mold. In my window sill are my little Brug's, finally getting some leaves. and a poem i recieved on a plague 17 years ago when my daughter was born:
Babies don't keep
Cleaning and scrubbin'
can wait till tomorrow....
for babies grow up
we've learned to our sorrow...
so quiet down
dust go to sleep...
I'm rocking my
baby and
babies don't keep!!!
My babies are nearly grown, so now I just rock everyone elses! But no a house isn't a home if it's always spotless. Kid's will be Kid's! :)

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Agawam, MA

Agghhh, you mean I really have to list everything? Ok, in addition to my houseplant cuttings - 7 zucchinis, 12 tomatoes, basket full of hot cherry peppers to be pickled, basket of sunflower seeds just harvested, bills to be paid...OK, time to stop...

Fairchild Air Force , WA(Zone 7a)

Does the coffee table and top of the 'fridge count too?

If so, the top of the 'fridge contains a sprouting Mango pit, Golden Chain Tree seedling, (rooting?) Bunny Ear cactus pads, and in water I have Rosary Vine, Pineapple, reverse Marble Queen Pothos, Creeping Charlie or Jenny, & a shotglass of shared by a piece each of Bridal Veil & Purple Heart.

Then on one corner of the coffee table is Mother of Thousands Kalanchoe babies, Kalanchoe Pinnata (Air Plant) leaves, & Baby's Tears for a friend. Then on the other corner for myself are Air Plant leaves & Lemon Tree seedlings.

However, on a plant stand are some Purple Heart just placed in soil to root because they were rotting in water. And in the bathroom are some Mistletoe Cactus "sticks" I'm trying to root and some sort of Dieffenbachia "stumps" I found lying outside a friend's house/apartment (left for dead by a tenant), which are just starting to get leaves, and a Mikania "stick" (lost all its leaves from shock during mailing/trade).

Is that enough?! Whew! :-)

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

well, thankfully today I got off some brug cuttings I'd taken before the tragedy last weed and couldn't mail til now. So that cleared up 5 mason jars. I have an old white pan that I keep behind the sink with gravel in it. In it I have a small potted brug baby, an orchid, a little pot with a brug leaf that's dying, a pot of coleus cuttings, nearby a jar with 2 cuttings from my blue pea vine, one rose cutting in a jar with roots on it, needs to be potted before i lose it.
In the window with the rose, a jar of winter jasmine cuttings, something else I can't remember, and then the shelf above the sink has 2 pots with abutilon seeds, one with clematis seeds, one with something else, on the other side of the sink is a pot with lenten rose seeds in a baggie, an african violet that I don't know how I haven't killed.
then of course there are the pots that I can't put in the dishwasher that are going to walk off if I dont' do them soon, and there's just stuff everywhere. I know you should keep your counters cleaned off, but that's why I put a table in the kitchen. You have to have somewhere to make a sandwich, right:)

Louisville, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh! I wondered what that was underneath all those ucttings and soil and mud and water.....I guess it is time to start cleaning and cooking angain...only since it is cooling down again.

West Simsbury, CT(Zone 5a)

Rosemary plant, two bat wing begonias, herbs in jars, the 5 cookbooks I love, Cuisinart food processor, vase with fresh flowers, fruit bowl, cookie jar and coffee pot.

Well ladies,don't throw stuff at me but spent ALL DAY cleaning,nada on the counters,strange,lol''We're goin' to Tn.to our sons' in the wee hours on vacation' Sure will be great to come back to a clean house,lol' Won't take us long to get back to the "norm" though,lol' Wish I had a lap top,but might get a chance to check in over there,lol';)

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