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New Flowers for 2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

This article was in the "Louisiana Nursery & Landscape Quarterly Magazine." I would like to pass on the info. to ya'll, however it is rather long, so I will post it in sections. If ya'll are interested, I will finish the list so let me know if ya'll want it listed or not. It is written by Allen D. Owings Associate Specialist (Horticulture). The varities listed have all been evaluated by LSA Ag center. These plants are not just for the Louisiana area. The majority of the info. was provided by the National Garden Bureau and seed companies. At the end of each plant and discription is the name of the seed company.
***Ageratum 'Hawaii Mix'- a dwarf (6-inch) mix of the popular Hawaii series of ageratum. 'Shell Pink' is a new color addition to this series and it availabe in the mixture(joining 'Blue Hawaii, and 'White Hawaii'). Blooms one week prior to other ageratum series. (Johnny' Select Seeds)
***Antirrhium 'Palett Mix' - Dwarf snapdragon blooms early and flowers profusely all season. Vigorous hybird with good uniformity. Excellent for landscape and containers. Mix colors include Lavender Eye, Red, Rose, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Bronze Carmine, White, and Rose. (American Takii)
***Cheiranthus 'Cherry Yellow' - Wallflower that does not require vernalization to flower. Perfect for fall, winter, and spring. The Charity series is grown like dwarf stock. Available in scarlet, yellow, cream yellow, rose red, & mix. (American Takii)
***Cobaea scandens 'Key Lime' - Delivers 5 months of eye-catching pale green blooms on a carefree, fast-growing vine. Huge 2.5" x 3.5" flowers bloom mid summer through fall. Direct sow this ultra easy annual. (Park Seed)
*******Please excuse any misspelled words, as it is very hard to type with a cat on your lap biting your hand and a parrot on your shoulder fighting with the cat biting your hand...I am so loved,(sigh) LOL! Lisa

Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Hey Lisa,
Ya'll are making me laugh so hard. Sure can tell your from the south. Also laughing about your last sentence...I can just picture it. I had a parakeet along time ago that used to sit on my shoulder while I was cooking....I had a hard time trying to keep him from flying into the cooking pots!!!!

Thanks for the seed info also, Donna

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Donna, It really takes some amount of refereeing and skill to type...Eli, the bird, is a Conure. He has got to be the loudest fowl known to man. Just one of his screetches at 6 in the morning before you finish your first cup of coffee can determine if I'll be crabby or not....sometimes I think I might make a gumbo out of him! Lisa

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