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Granville Beach, NS(Zone 6a)

This came as a surprise to me as I had thought all my Amaryllis were derived from 3 or 4 bulbs that I was given as gifts. These were either red or white but I have not seen this one before. It must be one that never flowered to date. I have close to 100 plants now and must soon get rid of some of them. They sure are prolific reproducers.


Thumbnail by eastjack
Cape Coral, FL(Zone 10a)

Looks like Clown.


Orlando, FL

almost like the "fairytale" this is mine

Thumbnail by blondhavmofun
Granville Beach, NS(Zone 6a)

I should have taken the time to look at all the varieties shown in the plant database on this site. There I found what looks like an exact match called "Happiness"
Thanks for the replies.

Orlando, FL

that is a nice name, what is the chance when the seeds come i get a few i can send you some of the ones i have, i have a red not sure which one then i have the fairytale.

Granville Beach, NS(Zone 6a)

Hi blondhavmofun (is that really true?)
I am in Canada and I don't think I can send seeds or bulbs to the USA . We can't get them from the USA unless certified and with a certificate.

Orlando, FL

that is true as far as i know i wasnt thinking. didnt pay attention to where you were lol

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