Wedding pedels from roses

Portland, OR(Zone 7b)

I have my wedding coming up in 2 weeks.. well I ihave a lot of pedles off an old world rose coming off... I want to use them for my flower girls.. how can I preserve them so they wont dry out and become dust? I heard you can put them un water... or water in a bag and freeze them?
if you have any good ideas, please.. PLEASE email me at [email protected]

Thank you so much in advance!!!! I am so happy the wedding is June 20th! Scary, first time, but so happy :)

Thank you all for being so great :)


Fort Washington, MD

Don't put them in water and don't freeze them. Either way you'll just get mush. You can cut the roses and cold pack them- put them on refrigeration. Wrap the blooms, not the stems. Roses come wrapped in a heavier plastic than plastic bags- it doesn't hold moisture. Moisture is not your friend, make sure the blooms are dry. The refrigerator should be about 38 degrees. Don't cut roses that aren't showing color, you need the buds to have good color before you cut them. When your ready to use them, take them off refrigeration and cut the stems and put them in warm water. Give them two or three days to open, you can cut the stems a few times, make sure that the water is clean and fresh. If they're very dehydrated, you can lay them in the sink and fill it with warm water. They drink all along the length of the stem, not just the cut end. Don't scrape off their skin! That's how they drink.
Good luck!

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