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Wharton, NJ

I just wanted to give a book I read recently a plug. I am a farmer from rural Pennsylvania so, I really related to it and thought you all might as well. It's titled "Savers of the Soul," by Richard Slayton. It's a nice little story about the selling off of rural land to developers. I think everyone who subscribes to this forum would enjoy the book. Anyway, just thought I' let you know.

Richmond, TX

I question whether it is possible to write anything nice about selling rural land to developers!

Wharton, NJ

I know!! However, the story is really about how these men got together to protest in their own little way. It was rather spiritual in the sense that these men were very conscious about their connection with the land and how change forced itself on all of them without their consent. I really related to it because, coming from the east coast and once an owner of a small farm myself, I saw big developers turn our lives inside and out and very few people did anything to stop them. The book hits home.

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