Question Regarding Berry Farms.

Wharton, NJ

Could anyone tell me how one would go about turning their property into a Berry picking farm if it was never one in the past. I purchased an old home in NJ and it has about three acres of Blueberry, rasberry, etc bushes that the previous owner planted as a hobbie. I thought I'd let the local community come in and pick from the bushes for a small fee. Is this possible?

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

There is a blueberry farm in this area that allows the customer to pick their own or the owners will sell picked berries for a higher price. It has been a few years since I went out there and don't remember the pricing structure but they sold berries by weight. I suspect you would lose some to the pickers as they probably would sample as they picked.

Just a couple of thoughts...
I wonder if there would be a need for liability insurance should someone be injured on your property.
You might check with the state and see if NJ requires any licenses or permits.
Does your state require sales tax collected on food products? If so, you would need a sales tax permit also.
Perhaps they would give agricultural breaks on your property taxes.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

wheat i would check into a CSA program if there is one around you. You could offer them that way maybe ? and not have to worry about Gov regulations . I don't know much about all that stuff. I would also check into the Farmers Market forum here at DG .Lots of great info from them folks also . They could direct you . ")
i google CSA and found some in my area. They were very helpful . I m sure some would be more than willing to share there knowledge :)
good luck
man o man i m jealous of your blue berries !!

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Taynors ~ nonsubscribers can't access that forum. Why don't you post a link on that forum and see if any of the market growers will come over here?

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

will do

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Is there a farmer's market near you that you could sell your fruit and products made from your fruit?

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