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Bees making home in my home HELP need advice?

Lafayette, LA(Zone 8b)

Please help someone advice needed!!!! I have a fake window that has shutters fixed and closed. The bees have come to live behind it in the wall. I have a brick house and the shutters are wood and they are getting in a crack behind the shutters to the inside of wall. How do i get them to leave. Last year I had to pay hundreds of dollars, for for the same crap. just for some man to take 15min and take them away they were moving away . We removed the "hive comb"and stuff last year. So, why do they keep coming back to same spot. Cant they go to some other house!!! Please do you have any ideas??? I can take a picture if needed. I am looking for a simple way for a brave girl LOL to do as my husband is in Pakistan. I took off one board but scared to be stung to death to do the rest. This is as far as i have gotten....???? OH ps i live in a neighborhood and not in country so and have neighbors with kids who ask every day what are the bees doing....LOL

Waynesville, MO

Sounds like the person who took care of your bee problem last year didn't do a very good job tidying up after himself. The area that had the comb removed should have been wiped down with soapy water (get rid of the bee smell) and any areas they were using as an entrance should have been caulked closed. Otherwise, it will smell like bees and be very inviting for new swarms to take up residence there. You can't just caulk the entrances b/c the bees will either chew through it or they will die inside and become very sinky. If you have someone come to get them again, make sure that you do the things I mentioned above. Do you know how long they have been there?

Rose Lodge, OR(Zone 8b)

Bubbles, are you sure that they are moving back in? Neighboring or wild bees will clean out honey residue from an old hive. One way to check whether this is the case is to watch the bees coming in. Are they bearing pollen? If so, then yes, they are nesting. But if not, then they are just raiding the old honey.

Good luck!

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