Indoor geraniums not blooming

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi there. Does anyone have a recommendation for why my indoor geraniums might not be blooming? They got tons of sun and have an appropriate size pot. I let the soil dry out between waterings and the leaves are healthy. just no blooms. what can i do? thanks for any tips!

Lilburn, GA

Have you tried feeding them with tomato feed?

It should help with flowering.:o)

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

I don't worry about my geraniums not blooming inside when I am overwintering them. I much rather they spend their energy keeping the roots healthy with a few nice strong leaves.

Norristown, PA

Many pelargoniums are day length dependant for bloom. They'll spot blooms during the winter, but they won't resume active blooming until the daylight period is long enough for them to do so. Artificial lighting could help, but as a winter windowsill flower, they just aren't going to perform the same as they will in spring and into the summer.


Vista, CA

By geranium do you mean cranesbills, which are botanically Geraniums, or do you mean pelargoniums, which are commonly called geraniums, like zonal, ivy-leaf, Martha Washington and scented-leaf. Zonals and ivy-leaf will bloom nearly year-round given enough light indoors. Martha Washington (regals) and scented-leaf need cool winter night temperatures for their spring bloom.

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