Feeding fish

Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

I have a greenhouse pond,and it gets very warm in there during the summertime.90* plus,even with fans and doors open,although a nice breeze most of the time.
Anyway I only feed my fish once a day,but I offer them water lettuce and hyacinths,which the eat to pieces.
I was wondering if I'm feeding them enough,but I only feed my fish once a day in my outside pond,and there not as aggressive as the indoor fish.

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Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

I feed the koi shrimp pellets and the goldfish tetra gold flakes.
And they eat it all in a matter of seconds!

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Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Don, I still have my small pond but currently no fish. However, I remember reading on the side of the container not to feed more than they would eat within 5 minutes. Guess that really doesn't answer you question does it.

Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

Hi Christi,,well I don't want un ate fish food left in the pond,don't want ammonia to build up in the water.
And they eat like there is no tomorrow,when I feed them,there is 6 Koi and a dozen or so of goldfish.
I was wondering if I should change to the sticks instead of the pellets.
If it would fill them up better?

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)


Hope this transfers, Don.


Bushland, TX(Zone 6a)

Thanks it did!

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