Sorting by Common name

PhotoCommon nameGenusSpeciesCultivarLocationBegin DateStatusActions
Lobelia   Ruby Slippers Lobelia "Ruby Slippers" Whisky Barrel Bed May 23, 2003 Established View
Lobelia Campanulaceae Periwinkle Blue Lobelia "Periwinkle Blue" Whisky Barrel Bed Apr 25, 2003 New in 2003 View
Lobelia, Cardinal Flower Campanulaceae RED x 6 MICH BULB 1998 Lobelia cardinalis x 6 Whisky Barrel Bed? or else it died, not sure Apr 15, 2000 Lost This Plant View
Lobelia, Cardinal Flower   RED Lobelia cardinalisRED Whisky Barrel Bed Jun 4, 2003 Established View
Lobelia, Cardinal Flower   Red Lobelia cardinalis Between Hosta Bed & Woodland Garden Apr 15, 2002 Lost This Plant View

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