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PhotoCommon nameGenusSpeciesCultivarLocationBegin DateStatusActions
weigela     aurea uknown,from invoice match up with existing Mar 19, 2003 Unknown View
Weigela     Carnival unknown Dec 1, 2004 Unknown View
Weigela Carnival   Back;PatioPot Weigela     Carnival Back;PatioPot Jan 1, 2005 Waiting To Be Planted View
Weigela     Pink unknown, hosta area i think Jul 30, 2003 Unknown View
Weigela     Variegated on arbor path, left, in birch by arbor Jun 30, 2002 Stable View
Weigela     Variegated crap apple on arbor path Sep 21, 2003 Stable View
Weigela     Variegated holding area Nov 21, 2004 Stable View
Weigela     Variegated pear tree and birch by niko blue Jun 30, 2002 Stable View
Weigela     Weeping unknown, think i put this in hosta area Mar 25, 2003 Feared Dead View

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