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PhotoCommon nameGenusSpeciesCultivarLocationBegin DateStatusActions
Asparagus Fern ~ Foxtail Fern Meyer Asparagus densiflorus  Pot Asparagus Fern ~ Foxtail Fern Asparagus densiflorus   Meyer Pot Oct 19, 2006 Finished View
Sword Fern  Nephrolepis Exaltata  Pot / Bed Sword Fern Nephrolepis Exaltata     Pot / Bed Oct 21, 2006 Unknown View
Arborvitae Fern pallescens Selaginella  Pot Arborvitae Fern Selaginella   pallescens Pot Oct 21, 2007 Unknown View
Leather Leaf fern    Pot Leather Leaf fern       Pot Oct 25, 2006 Unknown View
Asparagus Fern Asparagus densiflorus     Pot Oct 19, 2009 Finished View
fern  Asplenium nidus fimbriatum fern Asplenium nidus fimbriatum     Oct 19, 2008 Unknown View

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