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Sorting by Common name

PhotoCommon nameGenusSpeciesCultivarLocationBegin DateStatusActions
Azalea Rhododendron x gable Karen   Apr 10, 2015 healthy View
Border Forsythia Forsythia x intermedia     Oct 1, 2006 healthy View
Crape Myrtle, Crepe Myrtle Lagerstroemia indica     Oct 1, 2006 healthy View
Gardenia, Cape Jasmine, Gandharaj Gardenia jasminoides Mystery   Jun 3, 2000 healthy View
Glossy Privet Ligustrum lucidum     Oct 1, 2006 healthy View
Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina Nandina domestica     Oct 1, 2006 healthy View
Pin Oak, Swamp Oak Quercus palustris     Oct 1, 2006 perished View
Rose of Sharon, Althea Hibiscus syriacus     Oct 1, 2006 healthy View
Silver Dollar Gum Eucalyptus cinerea     Jun 9, 2008 healthy View
Smoke Tree Cotinus coggygria Royal Purple   Apr 2, 2002 healthy View
Sweetgum, Red Gum, Liquid Amber Liquidambar styraciflua     Oct 1, 2006 healthy View

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