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gardenwife's Journal: Copy & Paste a URL (hyperlink) into e-mails or posts at DG

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  Oct 24, 2001  

This tutorial shows how to insert a text hyperlink into your DG post. If you wish to hyperlink to a photo of your own, you must first have it uploaded somewhere, such as your journal here at DG or at a photo hosting service, and then link to that URL.

The process is the same no matter what text you're copying. You can copy a URL (i.e. // or text from an e-mail or a document you've created in a word processing program. The possibilities are endless. ;)

This CUT & PASTE process works in almost all Windows programs such as Word, Excel, Notepad, Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc.

In this case you're copying a link, but it will work with any text. For instance, if you wanted to copy this help file to your own computer, you could highlight this text and go through the same process I list below, only open your word processor and paste it there instead of into a DG forum. :o)

  1. Go to the page you want to link to in your post.
  2. Highlight the URL which appears in the address bar of your browser. You can use your mouse to do this, but a great shortcut to this is to hit ALT+D* This highlights the entire URL!
  3. With the URL still highlighted, click EDIT --> COPY. Now the URL has been copied into the windows clipboard
  4. Go to the forum you wish to post the URL in and create your message.
  5. When you're ready to insert the link, make sure the cursor is where you want it to be and click EDIT --> PASTE. This will paste the clipboard contents into your message.

* When I say "press ALT+D", I mean press the ALT key down, then press the D key (while still holding the ALT key down). The action is similar to holding down the shift key and pressing a letter when you want to make the letter uppercase. You don't have to hit the keys simultaniously - you just have to press and hold down the first key, then hit the other one. Many computer shortcuts combine the ALT key and a letter...

Shortcuts in Copying and Pasting: A little more advanced

COPYING: Press CTRL+C, meaning you hold down the Control Key and press the C key while still depressing the Control Key. This does the same thing as clicking EDIT --> COPY.

PASTING: Press CTRL+V, meaning you hold down the Control Key and press the V key while still depressing the Control Key. This does the same thing as clicking EDIT --> PASTE.

Another Alternative: Instead of clicking CTRL+C and CTRL+V, you can right-click the highlighted text and select "copy" to copy the text, and then when you want to paste, right-click and click "paste".

Hope that helps! :o)

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