Terry's Journal: Masterwort 'Hadspen Blood' Astrantia major Woodland Garden

  • Member: Terry
  • Journal: Journal
  • Category: Flowering Plants: Perennials for Sun
  • Status: Growing from Seed

Initial Notes:

Source: Emmy
Flower color: Dark Red
No. of Plants: many

Link to Plants Database: [[email protected]]

Entries and Updates

  Nov 21, 2001  
Sow today. Will keep at 18-22C (64-71F) for 2-4 wks.

  Dec 27, 2001  
If no germination, will move to -4 to +4C (24-39F) for 4-6 wks, then to 5-12C (41-53) for germ.

  Jan 12, 2002  
Moved outside.

  Feb 25, 2002  
Moved back into the GH.

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